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                      ˓❦ParlorG̣ạṃẹː Build ʻyourselfʼ out of a story.
                       ...in which... ˒Anyone can be anyone˓
            S͜͡E͜͡A͜͡S͜͡O͜͡N͜͡ ͜͡X͜͡V͜͡I͜͡ᵗ͜͡ʰ͜͡    .̷̸past W̲i̲n̲n̲e̲r̲s̲  : siteid-1953266.univer.se/

           “My God, my God, whose performance am I watching?     How many people am I?
               Who am I ?͠       What is this space between myself and myself?”
                27ᵗʰ of May ⎖     SEASON   OF  S U R P R I S E S 
                   with ℎost Silviu Faiăr & More˥     Preselections.
thanks everyone I had a blast
thanks everyone I had a blast

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Tintype 11 mai 2023  
            ...You have to create a character; as if you create one for a book or a movie.
            You’ll be both the writer and the actor of your creation. You’ll have to pick for
            your creation: f̣ạc̣ẹ-̣c̣ḷạịṃ ̣(̣c̣ẹḷẹḅṛịṭỵ)̣, ̣f̣ụḷḷ ̣ṇạṃẹ, ̣c̣ịṭy, ̣ạgẹ,̣ ạṇḍ his ̣ọc̣c̣ụp̣ạṭịọṇ.
            After the first round, when you will take a first look at the other competitors,
            you’ll receive your personal account. There you'll find your public 'instagram'
            which you'll have to take care of, and your private board. After that, you are
            free to talk with the other players, comment on their ‘Tintype page' whatever.
            To aid you in building your character’s personality, each round you'll have to
            answer my questionnaire according to his aesthetics; you&the other players
            will be judged by the ‘Audience’ of the game (sunphoto accounts, including
            yours, but try not to get caught! A player can get rid of you if they find out it
            is you who's behind your character's mask); So that's about it. It's the game
            about popularity, strategies, aesthetics, charisma, friendships, love, snakes.
            And the fun part?            ...You get to pick your weapons...
Tintype 5 mai 2023  
  P̣ẹṛṣọṇạḷ Tintypes:  I'm happy to announce the winner of the competition:
    15ᵗʰ seasonʼs winner: F̣ịạḍḥ ̣Ḍṛẹọ́ịḷị́ṇ-̣Ọạḳ, at the helm of breatheme.
     1. Saturnalia: Evan Peters as Ace Hendricks, The WARRIOR (⊡).
     2. shiver: Shina Nova as Malina Petuwaq, The NURTURER (⊙).
     3. breatheme: pudderfly as Fiadh Dreóilín-Oak, The FREE SPIRIT (⊙).
     4. GiForce: darinagritsenko as Chambray Pessina, The BOSS (⊙).
     5. Maktub: Ayguldavlletova as Aurora Ó an Cháintighe, The B!TCH (◬).
     6. Sprezzatura: hannnasofiaa as Máiréad du la Gothiez, The Seductress (⊙).
     7. Nidaros: Scott Kress as Chadwick Hecking, The SWASHBUCKLER (⊡).
     8. Hurlemont: Harvey Newton-Haydon as Alphonse Galouzeau de Villepin, The CHARMER (⊡).
     9. aftertaste: Charlie Rowe as Elliot Farrow, The TRAITOR (⊡).
     10. beourpower: Can Yaman as Berk Özkaya, The OUTCAST (◬).
     11. LesHydropathes: Luka Sabbat, Freddy King Jr., The CHIEF (⊡).
     12. QueenCyrusx: Jesse Lee Soffer as Matthew Cohen, The PROFESSOR (⊡).
     13. Pemberley: Hero Fiennes Tiffin as himself, The LOST SOUL (⊡).
     14. Pemberley: Christopher Briney as Ajax Stark, The BAD BOY (⊡).
     15. Saturnalia: Jeffree Star as Lucien Desspossé, The SADIST (◬).
     16. Saturnalia: Samara Weaving as Bonnie Fitzgerald, The BACKSTABBER (◬).
     17. lithium: Finn Wittrock as Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, The CHIEF (⊡).
DimitriKagasoff 5 mai 2023  
8,5. Mrs. Dreóilin-Oak,
 I am besotted with nature myself, it regularly reveals to us what is real, paring the layers of our knowledge.
10. Mrs. Ó an Cháintighe,
 〝He who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses〞
7,5. Mrs. Pessina,
 Consumption conveys a sense of fictitious supremacy; Seek the mindful discovery of the others.
ViggoVanEyck 5 mai 2023  
Sorry I'm late I couldn't care to come.
A 9 to Annabel Lee/ Haunted/ Obscure/ Your bed a catafalque.
  / I lie with you./ I am the prey of death.
A 7 to The Innocent Libertine/ A wild deer/ In a deep-piled green,
  / I am nauseous/ of the feral reek.
An 8 to Zelda Fitzgerald/ Diamond drops/ A flight of stairs/
  / Rosewater flavour/ Lace bralettes/ Am I too impertinent?
AlexandreGrimaldiCoste 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh Dreóilin–Oak, 6,2—All that wetland, marshland, fenland appals me. It˞s abhorrent.
Chambray Pessina, 10—Precisely, I must let go of the past and be fair. I˞m an unprejudiced man.
Aurora Ó an Cháintighe, 1,5—What in the Patron Saint of Monaco˞s name? That˞s repellent. What I˞ve just seen nauseates me. Fie, I say!
GaelAnaya 4 mai 2023  
aurora, 8, the cycle of death carries the meaning of life —— to live close to death —— is to live closer to life
fiadh, 10, to be intimate with the earth —— thatʼs the most profound connection Iʼve known
chambray, 7, you seem to be natureʼs distant child, —— I am the happiest when closest to her
VictorGauthier 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, 9
Fiadh, 9
Chambray, 10
AxelVaughn 4 mai 2023  
 Aurora, — 8. Too dark, but I like it.
 Fiadh, — 7.
 Chambray, — 5. Too superficial.
ElsaEkberg 4 mai 2023  
aurora: 10
fiadh: 10
chambray: 10
all of them are sooooo pretty!
WinnieLynx 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 10,
Fiadh: 10,
Chambray: 10
OskarSchweiger 4 mai 2023  
∕Aurora: 9. Stop turning animals into that crappy taxidermy. I need them in my lab.
∕Fiadh: 8. For the nature-connotation.
∕Chambray: 5. Do you do anything else besides spending money? You remind me of Prudence. The less-classy version of her. But I bet you are as annoying as her.
SerafineMiniati 4 mai 2023  
aurora: 10. &*blushing** hiii not only that u are insanely hoooT but i like ur aura too
except for the taxidermy part i dont do dead animalsss
fiadh: 8,5. u are so earthy i loveeeE it
chambray: 7. u are ... interesting i guess, but im not much of a fan of ur aesthetic
SechsAlastor 4 mai 2023  
you're doing meee sSSooo egh sinning!!
SerafineMiniati 4 mai 2023  
shut up
VerushkaGlebovichBykau 4 mai 2023  
ߙ Auɾoɾɑ, 8. Hunteɾs ɑɾe vɑin to believe thɑt theiɾ destinies diffeɾ fɾom those of ɑnimɑls.
ߙ Fiɑdh, 8. In Exodus 8, evil spiɾits look like fɾogs. But I ɑdmiɾe γouɾ love foɾ ɑll cɾeɑtuɾes of the Eɑɾth.
ߙ Chɑmbɾɑγ, 8. Psɑlm 62:10 sɑγs, “Though γouɾ ɾiches incɾeɑse, do not set γouɾ heɑɾt on them.”
ChaTaeho 4 mai 2023  
- Aurora...6 >//<
- Fiadh 8~~ 'ㅅ'b
- Chambray 10 ㅇㅊㄴ
QJaFarIlahalJabal 4 mai 2023  
Aurora ~ 10, I respect your performance.
Fiadh ~ 5, You are unbalanced.
Chambray ~ 9, One word: harem.
RedMcIntosh 4 mai 2023  
 Aurora –– 8 –– you belong in a gothic novel, &. when I hopscotch around the foggy moors of Scotland,
   –– I imagine myself Cathy or Jane Eyre, –– but you are not them, –– you are more the ghostly air  
   that shadows the heroine’s steps. –– you are to me the haar.
 Froggy –– 10 –– (♫) och! why was I so careless –– /with that basket of mine? –– /that itty bitty basket
   –– /was a joy of mine! –– /a-tisket a-tasket –– /I lost my yellow basket –– /won’t someone help me
   –– /find my basket –– &. /make me happy again? (♫) ପଓ
 Chambray –– 9 –– beautiful, –– och how I miss riding, –– I miss hearing the horses’ hooves hit the turf.
BerkOzkaya 4 mai 2023  
1. Aurora: 6
2. Chambray: 10
3. Fiadh: 6
RayaDashaAssol 4 mai 2023  
Aurora 8
Fiadh 7
Chambray 9
GenesisSeydoux 4 mai 2023  
. Aurora 8,
. Fiadh 9,
. Chambray 7.
KenzoWoodward 4 mai 2023  
 Aurora: 9. Musty-Mothy-Mouldy I prefer it tidy, nope! I love it!
 Fiadh: 9. You are the earthy aromas of a rainswept summer,
 Chambray: 10. I like the complex 'accord' of your 9 ingredients. Aquatic-fougere.
ArielEgilsdottir 4 mai 2023  
  Aurora  10 I want you on my team. I love female rage. I see us listening to Ethel Cain together.
  Fiadh  9 You are cooler than your brother. tell him I ate all the grapes before he showed up.
  Chambray  6 Wouldn't it be soo classy if you spent your money on more important things, say, charities ?
SeksJagger 4 mai 2023  
rora 10 if wife likes you i like you cause she has the best styile
oac oac girl 7 i like the bog but sb told me i look like a toad once and i wanted to put my ciggarette up his nose
chamber 5 you think your the sh!!t dont you i hate you insipid f@#!cks
NasrinOnyango 4 mai 2023  
 ⒈ Aurora, 5.
 ⒉ Fiadh, 10.
 ⒊ Chambray, 8.
MajaJonsson 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, 10.
Fiadh, 10.
Chambray, 10.
RafeJarvinen 4 mai 2023  
GasparHegyi 4 mai 2023  
  Aurora, 8,
  Fiadh, 8,
  Chambray, 4.
OttovandeHoek 4 mai 2023  
/10/ — Aurora
/10/ — Fiadh
/7/ — Chambrey
elliot 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, — 3. You can get your own drink.
Fiadh, — 10. Nothing to add, she is like my little sister.
Chambray, — 3. I am still going to teach you how to iron. Just you wait!
AskeOswaldHeinrich 4 mai 2023  
aurora, 2 i don't really like... that... you kill... animals......
fifi, 10 i hope you win sissy but no matter what i'm still proud of you
chambray, 4 i like myself when i'm broke
JuliettelEplattenier 4 mai 2023  
  ⊱ Aurora: 6,
 Fiadh: 10,
  ⊱ Chambray: 9.
akumasuki 4 mai 2023  
いち, aurora aAHHhh i dig ur style bad 10 (o´∀`o)
に, fiadh 7 (ᵔ◡ᵔ) frogs are nice but i like snakes betterrRrr
さん, chambray 1 is richh ur only personality (¬_¬;)
SechsAlastor 4 mai 2023  
aurora 10, i feel my hunger burgeoning, should i eat you againn~
fiadh: 6, it's gross and fun I'd strip with you thhere
chambray 2, at least you know how to ride it
AstridSiobhanDarach 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 7.
Fiadh: 9.
Chambray: 10.
ErisWardwell 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 10.
Fiadh: 10.
Chambray: 10.
What? I like them all. ;)
AxlMoore 4 mai 2023  
•vampire chick: 8
• swamp chick: 5
• rich fck female version: 3
LucienDessposse 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh or whatever your name is spelled, frog f*cker. Ugh, too much green. But it's kind of cute so you'll get a 7.
Chambray, I expected something more elegant but I give you 8.
Aurora you disgust me and I hope you think of me next time you slit your wrists in the bathroom. 1.
ThomasHuntington 4 mai 2023  
1 for Miss Ó an Cháintighe
6 for Miss Dreóilín-Oak
9 for Miss Pessina
GamerPres2024 4 mai 2023  
the final finally
how exciting
i hope Frogs wins ♥️
Rory - 6
Chambray - 8
Fi - 10 ♥️
BonnieFitzgerald 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 8.
Fiadh: 9.
Chambray: 10.
AeraKaiPark 4 mai 2023  
Chambray, ⸺ 10
Aurora, ⸺ 6
Fiadh, ⸺ 4
AtlasEbner 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 10.
Fiadh: 5.
Chambray: 1.
KaitoWatanabe 4 mai 2023  
Aurora♤ 10
Fiadh♤ 5
Chambray♤ 5
FelixColumbeanu 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 4, stai jos, Satana.
Fiadh: 8, te-as adopta. Nu am nicio fiică.
Chambray: 9, o doamnă.
TateZeitgeist 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, ― 9, gory red I like it.
Fiadh, ― 7, weirdly cool.
Chambray, ― 5, too posh for me. And I'm posh.
BrinleyHarper 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, 2 - I'm sorry
Fiadh, 5
Chambray, 5
LunaFernandezVidal 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 9 por la señorita que me asusta un poco
Fiadh: 10 por la guapa❤️
Chambray: 10 por la guapa❤️
IngridSodergran 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, 10.
Aurora, 4.
Chambray, 8.
IsabelleRossi 4 mai 2023  
Aurora: 1
Fiadh: 2
Chambray: 2, Her aesthetic is a 10 for me but she knows why I only gave her a 2.
SabrinaDurand 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, 6.
Aurora, 10.
Chambray, 5.
LeviRainer 4 mai 2023  
aurora 7
fiadh 4,5
chambray 2
FinleyDunne 4 mai 2023  
Aurora◇ 10
Fiadh◇ 10
Chambray ◇ 10
I am feeling nice today and the girls deserve it.
EthanRamsey 4 mai 2023  
you're always nice ^.^
FinleyDunne 4 mai 2023  
It must be your influence, pretty boy♡
RenArquette 4 mai 2023  
Mademoiselle Chambray, 10.
Mademoiselle Fiadh, 8.
Mademoiselle Aurora, 2.
RhysRemington 4 mai 2023  
Hi Guys!!! I just came back from seeing my girlfriend and I find out the filming location was New York? You mean to tell me Aske and Miss Red have been here while I was in Japan? And Miss Fi is on tintype?? Elliot was in the game too? What did I miss? Damn!
Aurora: 10
Miss Fi: 10
Chambray: 10
Everyone that's ever been in this competition always gets a 10 from me! Always.
SereiaAbrantes 4 mai 2023  
Finally! ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙A boy who wants to visit his girlfriend not the other way around (; ̄Д ̄)
KaitoWatanabe 4 mai 2023  
fine... i am packing. but i am staying inside.
me and portugal weahter?!
SereiaAbrantes 4 mai 2023  
aiiiiiiiiiii ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ you're getting a tan (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b
Malina 4 mai 2023  
Fi, oh dear ⸱⸱⸱ 10
Aurora ⸱⸱⸱ 6
Chambray ⸱⸱⸱ 9
NoorainZiadeh 4 mai 2023  
Chambray 10
Fiadh 10
Aurora 2
LucasWard 4 mai 2023  
10 for the girlies
MichaelBancroft 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, my child ⸻ 8
Chambray, my dear ⸻ 8
Aurora, my beloved child of God ⸻ 2
HeathLynch 4 mai 2023  
Froggy, 10 for the pretty face
Aurora, 1 I don’t like satanic shit.
Chambray, 9 I’d do you too
AmosVolf 4 mai 2023  
  Aurora;   // 9
  Fiadh;   // 6
  Chambray;   // 3
RavenHarlow 4 mai 2023  
Aurora... 10
Fiadh... 3
Chambray... 2
GinervaLudovicaManon 4 mai 2023  
Chambray ~ You have a ten.
Fiadh ~ You have a 7.
Aurora ~ You have a 5.
SereiaAbrantes 4 mai 2023  
\(≧▽≦)/ OLAAAAA
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Fiadh you get a 10 o(>ω<)o and Chambray you get a 10 and \(º □ º l|l)/ Aurora! You also get a 10 ( 〃▽〃)
ElineNessina 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, 9. I like creepy things.
Fiadh, 7.
Chambray, 8.
CalliopeLykaios 4 mai 2023  
It’s been a while since I have been here, but it’s always nice to come back ❤️

Aurora, 2.
Fiadh, 5.
Chambray, 10.

I hope no one gets upset.
BrigitteMisako 4 mai 2023  
Aurora, 4
Fiadh, 10
Chambray, 7
EugineAgbayani 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, 2.
Aurora, 2.
Chambray, 1000.
BenoitAntoine 4 mai 2023  
Chambray, 10. This can be taken as personal somehow, but your French being truly delighted me.
Fiadh, 6. I am not a nature person.
Aurora, 5. You scare me.
EthanRamsey 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, 8.
Aurora, 6.
Chambray, 5.
BlaiseDelacroix 4 mai 2023  
My girl Chambray has a 10 from me.
1 for Aurora, that’s not my type of aesthetic.
2 for Fiadh. Frogs?!
MalinaPetuwaq 4 mai 2023  
Fi, oh dear ⸱⸱⸱ 10
Aurora ⸱⸱⸱ 8
Chambray ⸱⸱⸱ 10
BasilRenard 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, 5.
Aurora 10.
Chambray, 4.
ArthurA 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh ⸺ 8.
Chambray ⸺ 6.
Aurora ⸺ 6.
AkemiMinato 4 mai 2023  
Aurora • 9 — I've been watching you since the beginning of this season and I can say, without any doubt, I dig your aesthetic.
Fiadh • 8 — You remind me of my friend, Nasrin. She was also fond of the nature and animals.
Chambray • 8,50 — I think you can be very interesting to shoot.
Ajaxx 4 mai 2023  
⬜ ⬛Aurora: —3
  —Girlfriend with bark-scratched hands: 10 ◣
   ▉Chambray: 3
OpheliaGilwraeth 4 mai 2023  
awhhh sh!!t feels good to be back
aurora the goth girl 10/10 no question
fiadh the frog girl 9/10 unique yes pretty nice
chambray the rich girl 8/10 im generous today
KayleighDalton 4 mai 2023  
Fiadh, 4.
Aurora 2.
Chambray, 10.
hannahmontana 4 mai 2023  
10/10 for all my bestiessss
Tintype 4 mai 2023  
The time has come. I invite as many past contestants as possible to rate each moodboard from 1-10. May the luckiest one win!
MissPessina 4 mai 2023  
⁞ ◤ › imgur.com/a/0ViNMBC ‹ ◥ ❦
Vampyra 4 mai 2023  
                Ր͟⁹͟♁ imgur.com/a/LdonEqL
    The land‵s sharp features seemed to me The Century‵s corpse outleant, Its Crypt the cloudy
     canopy, The wind its Death֊Lament Գ every Spirit upon Earth Seemed fervourless as I.
Tintype 4 mai 2023  
             ⸺  ⸺ຊ❦ SEASON 15 FINALE ❦ຣ⸺  ⸺
 Elliot, drums, Angie, comb, is my hair gel sleek & neat? Hand me the mirror. Ah, a bit windy out here, innit?
 Ah, we're rolling, we're rolling, everybody in position. I hope you're all dressed up––---Fiadh, what the hell
 are you wearing? Is that... fishnet? I am gobsmacked. Aurora, you too, wrong event, this is not a funeral.
 Or it might soon become one. Mine. Oh my God, I can't wait to get rid of you guys. Chambray? Where is
 Chambray? At the ATM? Really, why does she need money when she owns a black card? Elliot, you skint,
 run after her, maybe she'll throw you a pity quid your way if you beg nicely. Ah, we're rolling. Blimey, okay.
 I better crack on.   LADIES AND GENTLEMEN  welcome back. It's been a hell of a few days, I'd recap
 all the drama but there's too much and we don't have time, we'll put together a montage of all the season's
 highlights! We stand on the Empire State Building, taking one final look at the chaotic city that hosted our
 chaotic competition. To cut a long story short, I've sent out invitations to past contestants from all seasons
 to serve as your judges. Yes, you heard that right, the audience doesn't normally wield the ultimate power,
 but all the other hundreds of characters who fought to get their hands on the prize. Your final task will be
 the famous MOODBOARD in which you flaunt your personality in 9 representative photos. I wish you the
 best of luck and and -––Angie, stop faffing around and hurry up, help me get off this platform before I get
 dizzy and faint. Who's the bloody twit who picked this as our final location?! He's dead from the neck up!
Tintype 4 mai 2023  
When you think the game is becoming predictable, something turns. Looks like someone decided to make use of the last remaining Poppy in the contest, the very Poppy that wreaked havoc just by sitting quietly in the board undisturbed, being the mother card that spawned all the others that came after. Prince was the one knocked off the leaderboard, taking last place (See Elliot, you did something interesting after all. Come on, you've reached your goal, your paycheck's coming!), and after this sudden elimination comes another one to be made by the two Influencers. The final is as close as it gets otherwise!
Tintype 4 mai 2023  
Elliot whispered to me that his accumulated points, 45 in total, will be distributed as follows: 20 go to Fiadh,
15 to Chad and 10 to Aurora. Of course he hates us rich people! The final ranking will be available soon.
AskeOswaldHeinrich 4 mai 2023  
oh hey guys, it's so cool that you brought me here, what a coincidence! i was just strolling the streets of new york not long ago! it's not like i've waited all this time to make an actual appearance on this show. no!
Ⅰˢᵗ fifi — it would be weird of me to disagree with what my sister says since she actually looks like a frog, in fact she looks exactly like the frog i saw two weeks ago, wait hold up i even got a picture! imgur.com/a/qzPFldT see they're even twinning more than we do and we don't call her froggy for no reason you guys come on think
Ⅱⁿᵈ chadwick — chaddd i love the little banana eater! i think monkeys are part of my favorite animals on the whole planet they're literally one of the coolest creations ever, so quick-witted, enthusiastic and friendly i think just like you! well yeah sometimes their liveliness can affect their surroundings but they're too cute to care
Ⅲʳᵈ elliot — hey elli i wasn't expecting for you to pick a bird?? but you know what we love birds! but don't you think we view you as a lower class... no! maybe the prince does that and chambray too but we don't we are your friends! plus sparrows are really hard-working little fellows and very very intelligent with a big self-worth
 wait! WAIT!!! i forgot something! elliot which camera is running?? oh third one yes okay HEY ARIEEEEL! [waves insistently to the camera] look i told i'll make it! hope you can see me now i'm in full display! [giggles] oh
  and by the way i hope you're enjoying your grapes they go well with my tee today, okay bye i miss you!
Ⅳᵗʰ chambray — hello miss chambray you look very nice today! aaaand yes i wouldn't see you in other forms than a beautiful peacock. i think what makes them most like you is their confidence and they're also very open-minded and competitive, except for the part where they're selfish and dominating... personality wise!
Ⅴᵗʰ alexandre — hi your majesty! oh god if only my friends knew i'm currently talking to royalty they would venerate me too. lion yes sure even though i was expecting more exquisite like some birds i don't even know about yet. but giving the fact that lions hold the power, fearlesness, ferocity and the strength, you picked right
Ⅵᵗʰ aurora — uhm hello hi sca...ry lady! ariel likes you! can i say something or is this gonna bother you? i'm definitely not going to say something bad no! never! uh-uh. i think a bat suits you cause they navigate through life taking advantage of their numerous skills which... you also have! but i'm just afraid of bats and.. you a little
lithium 4 mai 2023  
x7Captivate 4 mai 2023  
        1ˢᵗ place: Chambray
        2ⁿᵈ place: Alexandre
        3ʳᵈ place: Elliot
        4ᵗʰ place: Fiadh
        5ᵗʰ place: Aurora
        6ᵗʰ place: Chadwick
shiver 4 mai 2023  
1. Aurora
2. Chambray
3. Chad
4. Elliot
5. Fiadh
6. Alexandre
Pemberley 4 mai 2023  
        1ˢᵗ place: the Princeee,
        2ⁿᵈ place: Chambray, florile mele pref!!
        3ʳᵈ place: Fiadh,
        4ᵗʰ place: Aurora,
        5ᵗʰ place: Elliot,
        6ᵗʰ place: Chadwick.
Seductress 4 mai 2023  
1. Chambray ca mi se pare ca amandoua ți se potrivesc mănușă, n am dc sa te mint.
2. Alexandre ca ești leul inimii mele.
3. Chadwick zici ca ești tu maimuța aia
4. Aurora nu mi place liliacul ca poate mi intra n par, dar puncte ptr floarea interesanta
5. Elliot e frumi păsărica aia
6. Fiadh nu mi plac nici broaștele, nici floarea
breatheme 4 mai 2023  
1. alexandre
2. aurora
3. fiadh
4. chambray
5. elliot
6. chad
HarryEdwardStyles 4 mai 2023  
ลໂ໒   ...my old friend, Matty, was so good-natured as to not invite me to this field tripຳ but serendipity has it that I was strolling through the garden when I spotted the cameras, and I pleaded with him to accept me as a member of the jury.  Now, bear in mind I am more well-versed when it comes to floriography and such.
  ¹໓ame Chambrayາ   I can say that peonies are the flowers most closely attuned to my heart ຳ being the flower of the bashful, skulking petal upon petal within itself that resemble close two dainty cheeks blushing pink. I am like the ant drawn to its thick, saccharine nectar for I myself am quite timid and antsy, truth be told.
²ຣir Chadwickາ   Just yesterday I happened to read about this fascinating magical weedໄ This is a wishing flower ຳ The legend has it that, when you spread the white fluff all over the neighbourhood, you are actually helping the local fairy population grow. It goes that a fairy is made out of the stardust and sunshine that fall to the dandelion‵s yellow centre, and as the flower matures, the tiny fairy inside grabs hold of a dandelion seen, meaning her first wandຳ and once you blow on it, she takes her first flight, and in exchange grants you a wish.
  ³ຣir Elliotາ  Prima rosaໄ These little drops of the field, are fragrant, romantic flowers that, when plucked and handed with tender discretion, one declares it cannot live without the other. I‵m intrigued, quite frankly, if you are fortunate enough to have someone in your life to whom you can bring such joy with a small bouquet.
⁴ຣir Alexander the Princeາ   what you have there is the Queen of the Night. In my field, she is regarded as a symbol of ephemerality ຳ even the lion‵s power is unenduring, all things are brief, all things are fading. Soon the sun will rise, and the flower will fold its petal tips shut. So my question might be, who is the King of Day?
  ⁵໓ame FIadhາ   during Victorian times, meadowsweet was the symbol of uselessness. Forsooth that is a harsh affirmation to make, but it was so made for herbalists could find no use for it and animals wouldn’t eat it. It is a grave flower, you should never have it near your mattress as it induces a deep sleep much like the one in the story of Sleeping Beauty. But if we look on the bright side, it epitomises tranquillity and a sense of calm.
⁶໓ame Auroraາ   Moustaches de tigreໃ I would suggest not staring at it for too long, too intimately, as you might draw near a malevolent spirit, or so the yarns go. And I, for one, remember the last time evil spirits were invited into our lives... Dry cough, dry cough, and a cursory glance from the corner of my eye back at Matty.
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