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Already got the feeling I am home XWelcome to the new age X-Mansion

membru din 22 martie 2020

Already got the feeling I am home X

                      X̤a̤v̤i̤e̤r̤’̤s̤ ̤S̤c̤h̤o̤o̤l̤ ̤f̤o̤r̤ ̤G̤i̤f̤t̤e̤d̤ ̤Y̤o̤ṳn̤g̤s̤t̤e̤r̤s̤

      ❝You know, I have plans for this place. I mean to turn it into a real campus. ̠A̠ ̠u̠n̠i̠v̠e̠r̠s̠i̠t̠y̠. Not just for                   mutants, either, for humans too. Living and working, growing together.❞
                                          ― Professor X.

                                  A readapted version of the X-Mansion.
  What is X-Mansion? Basically it’s everything: a school, a university, a home. Especially for the ones who have nowhere to go and have their special abilities. From toddlers to adults, the students learn how to behave, how to control themselves and most importantly how to control their powers. They all live inside the mansion and know each other from a very young age. The school (the entire property, actually) belongs to Professor X, as the students know him, or Charles Xavier on his full name. He is the one who came up with this idea to help people so no one will ever be alone with their powers like he was. He is the most powerful telepath in the entire world and is trying to get all the gifted kids on the right path. But he doesn’t do this alone. He has his fellow friends that helped him with everything and are always by his side, all of them also being teachers.

  Now let’s talk some more about the school itself. The best students so far, I mean, the ones who got to master their powers perfectly are the Maximoff twins, brother and sister, who spent their whole life in the Mansion and Professor X is like a father to them, even if they don’t even know his real name. Another good student, who
almost has perfect control over her powers is Xavier’s daughter, but no one knows she is his daughter, only
Charles’ friends; it’s a secret they decided to keep in order to maintain her safety. There are more groups of students who can control their powers but not as much as the Professor would like to. Their goal is to master their abilities perfectly so they can leave the Mansion, if they want to, but most of them decide to stay even if they have full control over themselves.

  Pretty simple, huh? Well... things get a little complicated when 6 new students are brought to the Mansion by Professor X and he seems to really like those students, even though he doesn’t show his emotions, everyone can tell how he feels about the new-comers. This thing creates tension as they all live together and the old students can’t understand what is so special about the new ones. Some of them didn’t even figure out what powers they have so they are practically humans; why would Xavier be so interested in people who don’t even know their powers? Only he has the answer to this question.

P.S. You can choose the powers of you character, but only one power. So if you want super speed, that’s all you get.

        All those being said, let’s get to know them:
          ̤T̤e̤a̤c̤h̤e̤r̤:̤ ̤Charles Xavier played by Charlie Weber TAKEN ❌
    ̤T̤e̤a̤c̤h̤e̤r̤:̤ ̤Erik Lehnsherr played by Jude Law TAKEN ❌
          ̤T̤e̤a̤c̤h̤e̤r̤:̤ ̤Celia Reyes played by Ana de Armas TAKEN ❌
             ̤T̤e̤a̤c̤h̤e̤r̤:̤ ̤David Storm played by …✅
                     ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Emilia Maximoff played by Elizabeth Olsen TAKEN ❌
                       S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Peter Maximoff played by Evan Peters TAKEN ❌
                        ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Frederick played by Ben Barnes TAKEN ❌
                     ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Aysia Lehnsherr played by Madelaine Petsch TAKEN ❌
                   S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Sebastian Coldwell played by Sebastian Stan TAKEN ❌
                        ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Drake Harrison played by Jacob Elordi TAKEN ❌
                      ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Lucrecia Hendrich played by Danna Paola TAKEN ❌
                    ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Keenan Veturius played by Cody Christian TAKEN ❌
                   ̤S̤t̤ṳd̤e̤n̤t̤:̤ Nathan Ward played by Daniel Sharman TAKEN ❌

      ̤N̤e̤w̤c̤o̤m̤e̤r̤:̤ Alicia Harding played by Ester Expósito TAKEN ❌
     ̤N̤e̤w̤c̤o̤m̤e̤r̤:̤      More characters can be added anytime,
  ̤N̤e̤w̤c̤o̤m̤e̤r̤:̤           except to the newcomers!
      ̤N̤e̤w̤c̤o̤m̤e̤r̤:̤ Oliver James played by Dom Sherwood TAKEN ❌
                    For more details and stuffs like that, PM! ☺

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