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colaboratori: Tintype Mauriacs
                    ˓❦ Receive the ʻawardʼ for a specific category.
                     “Nominate your favorite characters”
  ¹ Ṭḥẹ ̣Ḅẹṣṭ ̣Ṭịṇṭỵp̣ẹ ̣Ṣẹạṣọṇ: Season Four, 29 May – 9 June, 2021.
  ² Ṭḥẹ ̣Ḅẹṣṭ ̣Ṇẹg̣ạṭịṿẹ ̣(“̣ṿịḷḷạịṇ“̣) ̣C̣ḥạṛạc̣ṭẹṛ: Lydia Wheeler, played by breatheme. Ⓝ: aftertaste.
  ³ Ṭḥẹ ̣Ṃọṣṭ ̣Ịṇṭẹṛẹṣṭịṇg̣ ̣C̣ḥạṛạc̣ṭẹṛ: Poppy Renard, played by heavy.  Ⓝ: Nidaros.
  ⁴ Ṭịṇṭỵpẹ’ṣ pụḷc̣ḥṛịṭụḍịṇọụṣ ̣ḷạḍỵ c̣ṛụṣḥ:̣ Romy Elßler, played by lesHydropathes.  Ⓝ: Maktub.
  ⁵ Ṭḥẹ ̣Ṭịṇṭỵp̣ẹ ̣g̣ụỵ ̣ẉẹ ̣ạḷḷ ̣c̣ṛụṣḥẹḍ ̣ọṇ: Tate Zeitgeist, played by breatheme.  Ⓝ: BasilRenard. 
  ⁶ Ṭḥẹ Ṭịṇṭỵp̣ẹ c̣ọụp̣ḷẹ ̣ẉẹ ̣ṣḥịp̣ ̣ṭḥẹ ̣ṃọṣṭ: Dora&August, played by Pemb&lesH.   Ⓝ: x7Captivate.
  ⁷ Ṭịṇṭỵp̣ẹ’̣ṣ ̣c̣ṛạc̣ḳṣḥịp̣ ̣ṭḥạṭ ̣ṣḥọụḷḍ ̣ḥạṿẹ ̣ḥạp̣p̣ẹṇẹḍ: Val&Red, played by Pemb&heavy. Ⓝ: breatheme.
  ⁷ Ṭịṇṭỵp̣ẹ’̣ṣ ̣ṣṭṛọṇg̣ẹṣṭ ̣f̣ṛịẹṇḍṣḥịp̣:̣  Ⓝ:
Ⅰˢᵗ S2: Lydiaෆ Wheeler˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎breatheme˒  this flagitious lady has made quite the; reputation for herself when her shrewd and felonious mind tried to manipulate the players to eliminate each other, often stirring a lengthy war of words between the players.
Ⅰˢᵗ S2: Lydiaෆ Wheeler˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎breatheme˒ this flagitious lady has made quite the
Ⅱᶰᵈ S6: Andrésෆ Markeviciute˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎Spre˒ this big-hearted guy has shown how much; love he has to offer when he decided to rub shoulders with all the players; his popularity was injurious since any elimination began to strike one as a backstabbing operation.
Ⅱᶰᵈ S6: Andrésෆ Markeviciute˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎Spre˒ this big-hearted guy has shown how much
Ⅲʳᵈ S6: Valerianෆ LeSieg˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎Pember˒; known for being wilfully mean to the contestants; his spiteful remarks, derisive humour and fractious disposition earned him the title as one of the most rude characters of the show.
Ⅲʳᵈ S6: Valerianෆ LeSieg˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎Pember˒
Ⅳᵗʰ S5: Blaiseෆ Delacroix˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎GiForce˒; this coquettish lady has been exposed to posses a double-faced attitude when her underhand ‘come-hither’ romances with the male players were found out by her lady-confidants.
Ⅳᵗʰ S5: Blaiseෆ Delacroix˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎GiForce˒
Ⅴᵗʰ S5: Viggoෆ van Eyck˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎lesHydro˒	the infamous poet with his bukowskian; attitude and cynical mentality is notorious, especially among the ladies, for composing in a mocking manner cold-shouldering, entirely stripped of feelings lyrics.
Ⅴᵗʰ S5: Viggoෆ van Eyck˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎lesHydro˒ the infamous poet with his bukowskian
Ⅵᵗʰ  S1: Trevorෆ Matthews˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎lithium˒ this guy is the first player in the history of the; game to mercilessly accuse someone of fraud. He got rid of a competitor in the 2nd round of the game, not even caring it was one of his best friends hiding behind the mask.
Ⅵᵗʰ S1: Trevorෆ Matthews˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎lithium˒ this guy is the first player in the history of the
Ⅶᵗʰ  S2: Sabrinaෆ Durand˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎Nidaros˒; the death-obsessed lady showed her devotion to the macabre when she made a pact with the Devilish mrs. Wheeler by trying to eliminate underhandedly the competition.
Ⅶᵗʰ S2: Sabrinaෆ Durand˓⟌₍ɩɕ₎Nidaros˒

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Ouroboros 19 mai 2022  
Atlas și spitalul de psihiatrie.
Almighty 17 mai 2022  
Rhys si sechsi:*
Nidaros 13 mai 2022  
Dora & Ariel
Sprezzatura 11 mai 2022  
de fapt
seks si axl
x7Captivate 10 mai 2022  
fantino & viggo
Pemberley 10 mai 2022  
Red &tot cast-ul :-j, glumesc… sau nu?
Magnus &Viggo
Tintype 10 mai 2022  
           Name two competitors who were the best of besties.
           &  Keep in mind you mustn't nominate your own character
YourCreepyUncle 10 mai 2022  
1. red si vali
2. sechs si isabela
3. darling si atlas
4. alexandru si blaise
5. harriet si cyprian
6. harriet si maia
7. olga si alfred
8. aske si ariel
9. lydia si sylv
10. sechs si serafin
11. tate si secs
12. otto si rave
Tintype 9 mai 2022  
mda my turn
1: red si vallllll of my ♡ susbscriu si eu @aftertaste *sticker cu rolling eye yellow faced emoji*
2: sechs si serafine unexpected frt da au potential si ma amuza make it happen.
3: harriet si maja legit erati pe 2 daca nu era maja asa de nehotarata detest when sb is wavering gen realizezi odt fetito ca who u rlly love is right in front of u scz nescuze dimitri
4: harriet si cyprian gen daca maja nu isi da seama girlie eu sustin aceasta a doua varianta pt tn
5: otto si rafe tocmai mi am dat seama=))))))))))) paula karma. rafe e maja si otto e harriet. mda aia e ti ai fct o cu mana ta
6: alexandre si blaise surprize surprize i can actually see this be a thing hai sa fim seriosi acum their energy kinda match dar ar fi gen a one night stand and then the prince ghosts her or smth but still, can happen
7: lydia si sylvester i mean daca nu exista genesis era 100% optiunea pt el si cred ca i shippuiam toti tbh (intr un alt univers) (a grim one ofc)
8: isabelle si sechs gen i get it frt dar sunt biased ca i ship secharine now si na dar tot asa daca nu era serafine in perisaj yea, yea id be cool, contrasteaza and i love me some opposites-attract trope
9: olga si alfred dry. ass. dynamic. ce i asta frt nu stia nici drc ca trb sa va ship cel mai internalizat crush din istoria jocului if ud only acted on it maybe yes ca na ca asa manipu e muah dar ???? :| the pasta is jucier than yall
10: darling si atlas frt problema e ca e ea preggo ca altfel ar fi un plot twist outrageous si fun si ar fi atlas cv gen ‘de aia am vrut s o scot pff ca sa i despart’ cool idea for villain original story
11: seks si jagger da va drc sunt bff legit nu va mai suport ruining friendships like that :| yall suck BALLS
12: aske si ariel i made her with her being independent in mind thats right baiete s e e n. guess your update wont happen :*
Sprezzatura 9 mai 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place: red valerian
            IIⁿᵈ place: ariel aske
            IIIʳᵈ place: atlas darling
            IVᵗʰ place: seks tate
            Vᵗʰ place: olga alfred
            VIᵗʰ place: otto rafe
            VIIᵗʰ place: lydia silvestru
            VIIIᵗʰ place: sechs isa
            IXᵗʰ place: sechs sera
            Xᵗʰ place: harriet si majaaaaaa
            XIᵗʰ place: harri cyp nici nuj cn e ciprian
            XIIᵗʰ place: printu si blaise. material girl
breatheme 6 mai 2022  
1: red si valerian pt ca eu sunt the hype best friend 8-| si sunt usor de impresionat 8-| si au mai fost si haters to lovers 8-| sau haters to... nothing 8-| si imi place dinamica 8-| si imi place ca m au facut sa diger relatia lor nsh dar acum par ft plauzibili, desi sunt... ft dif 8-| si la inceput n as fi crezut posibil 8-| in fine gta frt ca m am saturat de valerian sa l vad odt pe frate su ce atata :x
2. hai sa va sochez. sechs si serafine. hai trial me, spuneti ca sunt toxica :@ ca imi plac nebunii astia doi :@ hai indrazniti :@ dar au vb prea putin si doar in comentarii si totusi am simtit acl :-j cv arzand intre ei:-j focurile iadului bye=)))))))))))))))
3. harriet si maja pt ca sunt niste daydream like figures din povestile cu zane :x totusi cum nu si dau seama ca sunt indr nsh prostutele de ele.
4. harriet si cyprian pt ca sunt obiectiva 8-| sau incerc 8-| si le ar sta bn impr 8-| dar nsh daca ar dansa cu ea under the moonlight si mda 8-| the girl deserves it 8-|
acum nsh ca vr sa le pun pe toate pe ult loc:|
6. darling si atlas pt ca m ar amuza sa inceapa sa se plc dintr o data :-j
7. olga si alfred. www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAd1wcYiFyU
8. ariel si aske:-j i'm the hype best friend dar nici chiar asa :-j
9. rafe si otto pt ca rafe nu era acs cand l a vizitat the gay fairy. asa k pa baiatule.
10. isabella si sechs for the drama:-j
11. alexandre si blaise. scz dar nu. il vr pe print pt mn.
12. lydia si sylvester girl don't get me started
x7Captivate 6 mai 2022  
ce drama boy ia hotaraste te :@@@@-
breatheme 6 mai 2022  
mda pbn ce baiat enervant:-j
breatheme 6 mai 2022  
ps rafe: pleaca la soiree si lasa l pe otto ms 8-||||||
x7Captivate 6 mai 2022  
1: red & valerian. ♥
2: rafe & otto. ♥
3: harriet & cyprian. ♥
4: ariel & aske. mai grea combinatia asta tbh o vad pe ea f independenta as she should :-j nush daca ar merge dar imi place de voi <3
5: harriet & maja. pt ca sunteti dragute si v ati intelege bn
6: sechs & serafine. esti cam nebun da nici ea nu i pe trb ei daca te place sinceer :-?? cred ca v ati certa zilnic :-jj
7: tate & seks. pt ca nu pot sa va vad in sensul ala :-j dar ca bff si soulmates clar :-j
8: olga & alfred. nu prea stiu de voi asa dar aratati bn impr :-?
9: alexandre & blaise. sincer imi place de voi vizual restu nsh
10: isabelle & sechs.
11: darling & atlas.
12: sylvester & lydia. nsh nu pot sa l vad cu altcnv
lithium 6 mai 2022  
Iˢᵗ place: Harriet & Cyprin pt ca pare ca se potrivesc ft bine si ar fi un cuplu sweet si healthy & i stan that
in rest toti sunt locul 12 pt mine sa stiti dar mrog.
IIⁿᵈ place: Harriet & Maja pt ca desi Maja habar nu are de fapt pe cn place sunt amandoua fete ok si daca s ar hotari ca nu l place pe Dimitri ar fi un cuplu healthy dar mda ma rog ce sa zic acum. poate n cele din urma si a dat seama ca o vede pe Harriet ca pe ceva mai mult decat o prietena si si a recunoscut sentimentele fata de ea and they lived happily ever after.
IIIʳᵈ place: tate & jagger nu i ship deloc ca si cuplu evident dar they get along pt ca sunt bffs deci ii pun aici ca soulmates. kindred spirits.
IVᵗʰ place: olga & alfred pt ca alfred e simp desi ce plm baiete do something crezi ca ti cade fata n brate daca i spui 3 cuvinte tampite wtf.
Vᵗʰ place: valerian & red eu sincer detest acest cuplu nsh ce i cu voi toti. sunteti nebuni nsh dar in fine apreciez ca n are ochi pt alte fete si asa enervant scarbos rau cum e el e fidel deci doar de asta ii pun aici. plus ca imi plac la fel de putin toate celelalte variante deci 8-). plus ca alfie din mn nu poate sa suporte ca amica lui sa fie impreuna cu acel tembel insuportabil.
VIᵗʰ place: otto & rafe ca nsh prea multe despre ei incat sa i displac atat de tare d fapt. ar arata bn impreuna i guess i dont know. rafe make up ur mind are u gay or are u not ffs
VIIᵗʰ place: alexandre & blaise nu sustin deloc acest cuplu dar deloc deloc. tu fetito du te la eric al tau si lasa printii in pace. alexandre n are timp de fetite indecise ca tine hai pa.
VIIIᵗʰ place: isabelle & sechs nu vad sa i lege absolut nimic. vin asa ca nuca n perete printre celelalte variante:-j
IXᵗʰ place: sechs & serafine nu comentez nu am cum sa l ship pe sechs cu cnv pt ca e nebun de legat.
Xᵗʰ place: darling & atlas. uhm pe langa ca are iubit mai are si copil in pantece ce drc
XIᵗʰ place: lydia & sylvester pt ca desi suna fun asta cu enemies to lovers sunt subiectiva intrucat faye chiar a incercat sa tina cuplul sylvester & genesis in joc deci fck u lydia for that
XIIᵗʰ place: aske & ariel no comment ok.
Nidaros 6 mai 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place: Olga & Alfred ador poza frumosii mancei mama :-(((
            IIⁿᵈ place: Harriet & Maja
            IIIʳᵈ place: Sechs & Serafine
            IVᵗʰ place: Valerian & Red voi trebuia să fiti runda trecută :|
            Vᵗʰ place: Otto & Rafe
            VIᵗʰ place: Alexander & Blaise
            VIIᵗʰ place: Harriet & Cyprian când merge Maja în concediu cu Dimitri
            VIIIᵗʰ place: Isabelle & Sechs
            IXᵗʰ place: Lydia & Sylvester
            Xᵗʰ place: Darling & Atlas
            XIᵗʰ place: Aske & Ariel scz ariel trb să fie singura n-o văd altfel besties
            XIIᵗʰ place: Tate & Seks scz dar Tate trebuie să fie doar Basil #hesmineb!tch
Almighty 6 mai 2022  
poate vedea ariel :|:|
aftertaste 6 mai 2022  
sa vada cat de mult o iubesti?
nothing wrong with that
Almighty 6 mai 2022  
aftertaste 6 mai 2022  
unde? tot ce vad e ca aske si ariel sunt pe locul 1 la tine
as they should
Almighty 6 mai 2022  
corect<3333333333 ily
aftertaste 6 mai 2022  
nothing to see here
Almighty 6 mai 2022  
1. Aske&Ariel, as fi nebuna sa nu i pun pe ei *fata in albastru* cei doi prostovani bn ea mai mult:-j stie ea dc:-j
2. Vali&Red, pt ca ummmm sir???? ati ratat cuplurile dar e ok:-j shipul meu nr 1 bn dupa aia doi de sus
3. Otto&Rafe, sunt subiectiva da eu m am indragostit de amandoi nu e vina mea ok i ship iubirea invinge
4. Harriet&Maja, pt ca am auzit numai lucruri bune despre zanutele astea care danseaza
5. Sechs&Serafine, nu stim daca Serafina mai e impr cu iubita ei dar in a weirdly way sustin cuplul asta:-j
6. Tate&Seksi, cause u cant tell me nothing aint going on =; ati copilarit impreuna v ati vazut soparlitele unui altuia si v ati mirosit parturile
7. Olga&Alfred, pt ca i can see it besties??? si par si hot impreuna offff trebuia sa vb si voi ca pareti mai degraba cuplu adv
8. Harriet&Cyprian, par scosi din aceeasi poveste si daca nu as avea ca ship haja sigur ar fi ei doi next in line
9. Isa&Sechs, nu sunt sigura daca as putea vedea “cuplul asta” impr…. nu te mai da frt la toate ca ma bruiezi
10. Alex&Blaise, simpatici interior si exterior nota 10 hahahaha v ati prins??? nota 10 locul 10 lmao ce funny
11. Darling&Atlas, ei doi sunt frumosi asa unul langa altul but it makes me kinda go sweet home alabama…..
12. Lydia&Sylvester, nimic de adaugat e loial femeii lui nici nu vrea sa auda de altele:-j only if “partner in crime”
Pemberley 5 mai 2022  
  Iˢᵗ place: Red &Valerian, nu pot sa nu fiu subiectiva.... ?@aftertaste subscriu?
  IIⁿᵈ place: Maja &Harriet, draguta mea I miss you!!!
  IIIʳᵈ place: Harriet &Cyprian, I very much like the aesthetic, si ei 2 seamana destul de tare....
  IVᵗʰ place: Ariel &Aske, acum ca am terminat cu personajele mele o sa-i pun pe acesti dragi!
  Vᵗʰ place: Serafine &Sechs, ma cam sperie ei ngl dar sunt cuplul de care nu stiam ca am nevoie.
  VIᵗʰ place: Olga &Alfred, ce imperiali pareti.
  VIIᵗʰ place: Tate &Seks, ce sa mai zic si dupa melodia Zeitgeist :-j
  VIIIᵗʰ place: Otto &Rafe, bine ca n-ati fost ca pierduserati runda cu ships....
  IXᵗʰ place: Isa &Sechs, ma amuza cate legaturi a format procesul.
  Xᵗʰ place: Blaise &Alexandre, cum ar spune Fantino, si-a gasit in sfarsit printul pe cal alb...
  XIᵗʰ place: Darling &Atlas, ciudat e ca imi plac vizual dar nu m-as putea gandi la ac relatie.
  XIIᵗʰ place: Cine a mai ramas, wtvr.
aftertaste 5 mai 2022  
1. valerian si red is it still a crackship tho?:(
2. aske si ariel i ship it
3. otto si rafe again ship it so much
4. harriet si maja yes please
5. olga si alfred yes please
6.tate si seks my besties
7.harriet si cyprian i could so see it
8. darling si atlas over my dead body
9.sechs si serafine sechs has a crushhhh
10. lydia si sylvester asta da dragoste cu nabadai=)))
11. isabelle si sechs more like isa and money
12. alexandre si blaise ca e pe interes fata..also pt ca heath si haremu nu e aici=))
Tintype 5 mai 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place:
            IIⁿᵈ place:
            IIIʳᵈ place:
            IVᵗʰ place:
            Vᵗʰ place:
            VIᵗʰ place:
            VIIᵗʰ place:
            VIIIᵗʰ place:
            IXᵗʰ place:
            Xᵗʰ place:
            XIᵗʰ place:
            XIIᵗʰ place:
KarlaSzwalek 4 mai 2022  
Sechs si Sera
KarlaSzwalek 4 mai 2022  
-iMysticFalls scz
shiver 3 mai 2022  
Isa și Sechs că dc nu
lacquer 4 mai 2022  
Uhm no.
- Atlas
IsabelleRossi 5 mai 2022  
Do you have a crush on him, Atlas?
IsabelleRossi 4 mai 2022  
lacquer 3 mai 2022  
Rafe și Otto.
- uroburos
KayleighDalton 28 martie 2022  
Triin and Sage green
lithium 27 martie 2022  
olga si alfred;3
GiForce 26 martie 2022  
Heath cu Ariel, Dora, Amavi, Margarina și Rivage.
Tintype 27 martie 2022  
da dc nu ma pui la coada in conditiile in care eu am fost singura ok cu tn? :)
sterge ma de pe lista
nu accept.
GiForce 27 martie 2022  
Chill ur tits
Tintype 27 martie 2022  
Nidaros 26 martie 2022  
Blaise și alexandre
GiForce 26 martie 2022  
te iubesc
x7Captivate 26 martie 2022  
harriet si cyprian
Tintype 26 martie 2022  
Sylvester si Lydia ca am auzit ca erau problematici - eni
Mauriacs 26 martie 2022  
maja și harriet :x
breatheme 26 martie 2022  
red si valerian
Pemberley 26 martie 2022  
Ariel &Aske
Almighty 26 martie 2022  
aftertaste 26 martie 2022  
atlas si darling=)))
aftertaste 26 martie 2022  
best ship i swear=)))
Tintype 26 martie 2022  
             ⁷ Ṭịṇṭỵp̣ẹ’̣ṣ ̣c̣ṛạc̣ḳṣḥịp̣ ̣ṭḥạṭ ̣ṣḥọụḷḍ ̣ḥạṿẹ ̣ḥạp̣p̣ẹṇẹḍ.
           Name two contestants you would have wanted to see together.
      They can be from different seasons, it doesn't matter if they've never interacted before.
             Keep in mind you mustn't nominate your own character
Mauriacs 26 martie 2022  
                SEASON ONE.
                1. lithium: Cole Sprouse as Trevor Matthews
                2. kidrauhlox: Barbara Palvin as Alaska Coleridge
                3. breatheme: Robert Pattinson as Finn Harris
                4. Sprezzatura: Bella Hadid as Khalí Rivera
                5. shiver: Florence Pugh as Ren Arquette
                6. 90svibes: Phoebe Tonkin as Kaira Vadon
                7. Maktub: Dacre Montgomery as Jadarius Sinclair
                8. aftertaste: Katya Sitak as Kathleen Jones
                9. kpoper: Doja Cat as Simoné Thickle
                10. Nidaros: Tom Holland as Blaine Halter
                11. iMysticFalls: Innana Sarkis as Karla Szwalek
                12. Benihime: Natasha Negovanlis as Vivienne Deveraux

                SEASON TWO.
                1. lithium: Elle Fanning as Fayette Devereaux
                2. Pemberley: Daisy Edgar-Jones as Genesis Seydoux
                3. breatheme: Aubrey Plaza as Lydia Wheeler
                4. Sprezzatura: Silviu Faiăr as Silviu Iliescu.
                5. shiver: Sam Claflin as Arthur Anderson
                6. GiForce: Kylie Jenner as Khair Princeton
                7. Maktub: Ed Westwick as Sylvester Bryant
                8. aftertaste: Oscar Isaac as James Lauder
                9. infinite2inhibit: Tom Hardy as Jarod Fischler
                10. Nidaros: Anya Taylor Joy as Sabrina Durand
                11. iMysticFalls: Brenda Song as June Zhang
                12. crown: Dylan O'Brien as Jasper Lowe
                13. ASIANdream: Cara Delevigne as Asteria Smith
                14. x7Captivate: Alice Pagani as Serafine Miniati

                SEASON THREE.
                1. lithium: Tintype as The Host
                2. Pemberley: Timothée Chalamet as Kenzo Woodward
                3. heavy: Samantha Robinson as Poppy Renard
                4. Sprezzatura: Michael B. Jordan as Stefan Iokua
                5. shiver: Lily James as Brinley Harper
                6. Complicated: Mila Kunis as Natalie Mayer
                7. Maktub: Jennifer Lawrence as Divya Romanoff
                8. aftertaste: Emma Watson as Isabelle Rossi
                9. infinite2inhibit: Emilia Clarke as Katey Welliver
                10. Nidaros: Tom Ellis as Alvaro Garcia
                11. iMysticFalls: Wentworth Miller as Kevin Peterson
                12. Benihime: Emma Stone as Serena Benevient
                13. ASIANdream: Jamie Dornan as Mateo Ricci
                14. x7Captivate: Avan Jogia as Victor Gauthier

                SEASON FOUR.
                1. lithium: Cody Fern as Dimitri Kagasoff
                2. Pemberley: Emma Corrin as Harriet Lensbury
                3. breatheme: Lea Seydoux as Maja Jönsson
                4. Sprezzatura: Zayn Malik as Kaidan Magalhães
                5. shiver: Blake Lively as Heather Morrison
                6. Complicated: Jorge López as Valerio Lopez
                7. Maktub: Bill Skarsgård as Andreas Milošević
                8. aftertaste: Joshua Bassett as Gabriel Ryser
                9. Nidaros: Lili Reinhart as Ingrid Södergran
                10. iMysticFalls: Madelyn Cline as Jessica Lodge
                11. Benihime: Paris Jackson as Valerie D’Arcy
                12. ASIANdream: Damiano David as Alekzandre Forbes
                13. lesHydropathes: Anika Braun as Romy Elßler

                SEASON FIVE.
                1. lithium: Senait Gidey as Anubis Elnabawy.
                2. Pemberley: Lorenzo Zurzulo as Fantino Bentivoglio.
                3. x7Captivate: Sophie Thatcher as Winnie Lynx.
                4. Sprezzatura: Jesse Rutherford as Trinidad Loughty.
                5. shiver: Shawn Mendes as Declan Wagner.
                6. GiForce: Lily Rose Depp as Blaise Delacroix.
                7. Maktub: Ben Tyndale as Eric Schweizer.
                8. aftertaste: Olivia Rodrigo as Elina Bühler.
                9. Nidaros: Rudy Pankow as Magnús Gunnarsson.
                10. iMysticFalls: Lauren German as Anya Dobrow.
                11. Benihime: Samara Weaving as Bonnie Fitzgerald.
                12. Senorita: Ben Barnes as Tobias Markovich.
                13. lesHydropathes: Sonny Hall as Viggo van Eyck.
                14. xonlyteardrops: Alexandra Park as Remikael "Remi" Henstridge.

                SEASON SIX.
                1. Maktub: Matthew Noszka as Nario Vincenzo.
                2. aftertaste: Emily Alyn Lind as Luna Fernández Vidal.
                3. infinite2inhibit: Ester Expósito as Serrafin Torres.
                4. kidrauhlox: Alejandro Speitzer as Alarico Francisco De León.
                5. Skylord: Ryan Reynolds as Felix Columbeanu.
                6. heavy: Alexandra Savior as Red McIntosh.
                7. Sprezzatura: Ansel Elgort as Andrés Markeviciute.
                8. GiForce: Janice Joostema as Calliope Lykaios.
                9. Pemberley: Dane DeHaan as Valerian LeSieg.
                10. shiver: Bailey Sarian as Raven Harlow.
                11. Nidaros: Emma Mackey as Nora Rotenberg.
                12. Complicated: Francisco Lachowski as Domenico Fiorenzo.
                13. lithium: Finn Wittrock as Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste.

                SEASON SEVEN.
                1. lithium: Owen Lindberg as Apollo Pythios.
                2. Pemberley: Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Inez de Oliveira.
                3. x7Captivate: Deaken Bluman as Axel Vaughn.
                4. photine: Sharon Alexie as Emilie Atangana.
                5. breatheme: Darwin Gray as Tate Zeitgeist.
                6. GiForce: Chun Jin as Akemi Minato.
                7. Maktub: Negin Ghalavand as Nasrin Onyango.
                8. aftertaste: Darren Criss as Niklas Holzer.
                9. Nidaros: Jamie Campbell Bower as Basil Renard.
                10. kidrauhlox: Victoria De Angelis as Gioia Dal Cortivo.
                11. lesHydropathes: Monique Alice Bourscheid as Capucine deVargnes.
                12. aftershock: Seo Soo Jin as Tanya Park.

                SEASON EIGHT.
                1. lithium: Connor Tingley as Francis Braque.
                2. Ouroboros: Hailee Steinfield as Caitlyn Hunt.
                3. shiver: Sylvie Noelle as Zoe Kravitz.
                4. gaudium: Marion Pascale as Triin Karu.
                5. breatheme: James Cunningham as Sechs Alastor.
                6. GiForce: Taylor Lashae as Ginerva Ludovica Manon.
                7. Maktub: Lucas White Smith as Syx Toftgard.
                8. aftertaste: Tom Hiddleston as Thomas Huntington.
                9. Nidaros: Sydney Sweeney as Kayleigh Dalton.
                10. infinite2inhibit: James Franco as Dougal Skelton.
                11. lesHydropathes: Erik Otto as Cyprian Bingley.
                12. Complicated: Eiza González as Antônia Silva.

                SEASON NINE
                1. Sprezzatura: Nick Robinson as Durant Chiminosear.
                2. Ouroboros: Ezra Miller as Atlas Ebner.
                3. aftertaste: Sebastian Stan as Axl Moore.
                4. heavy: Lorenzo Sutto as Seks Jagger.
                5. Maktub: Lee Yuan as Natsuki Saitō.
                6. Nidaros: Erinn Westbrook as Amahle Naidoo.
                7. Giforce: Manu Rios as Lucas Ward.
                8. Pemberley: Raff Law as Arnaud Cathrine.
                9. Amnesia: Kendall Jenner as Chanel Richards.
                10. leSeignur: Megan Fox as Evangeline Daugherty.
                11. Complicated: Alexa Demie as Amavi Ramirez.
                12. lithium: Maya Poon as Gael Anaya.
                13. infinite2inhibit: Vinnie Hacker as Derrick Wooley.
                14. iMysticFalls: Ariel Winter as Denise DeRose.
                15. shiver: Andy Biersack as Levi Rainer.
                16. gaudium: Dorit Revelis as Darling Stratton.

                SEASON TEN
                1. aftertaste: Jess Conte as Emaline Horne.
                2. Sprezzatura: Becu Valeria Alessandra as Margaritta Lidjia „Ydíja” Eötvös.
                3. iMysticFalls: Brian Whittaker as Brody Palmer.
                4. Maktub: Henry Eikneberry as Aske Oswald Heinrich.
                5. Nidaros: Henry Cavill as Alfred Byrne.
                6. YourCreepyUncle: Tupac as Sebastian 'Awake' Kennedy.
                7. breatheme: Zhenya Katava as Olga Angeloff.
                8. heavy: Alyda Grace as Ariel Egilsdóttir.
                9. Temptress: Jacob Elordi as Heath Lynch.
                10. photine: Maartje Convens as Rivage Dumas.
                11. Pemberley: Dora Agar.
                12. lesHydropathes: Joe Alwyn as August Redford.
                13. Seniorita: Natalie Dormer as Irma Sólskin.
                14. Schlecht: Louis Garrel as Patryk Olbrychski.
                15. YourCreepyUncle: Robert Downey Jr. as Sheehan Connorway.
lithium 26 martie 2022  
1 august si dora
2 fayette si james
3 sylvester si genesis
4 tate si capu
5 fantino si winnie
6 apollo si axel
7 natsuki si seks
8 romy si andreas
9 darling si axl
10 declan si trinidad
11 luna si felix
12 andres si alarico
x7Captivate 26 martie 2022  
trebuia sa i pui pe ultimu daca tot:-jjj
lithium 26 martie 2022  
bine hai ca schimb lista:-jjj
x7Captivate 26 martie 2022  
bine sio :-jj
Tintype 26 martie 2022  
aftertaste 26 martie 2022  
turbez:((((( am scris ditamai commu cu explicati si tot si mi-am luat bulina=))) ce am scris nu stiu
lene sa scriu iar asa ca :
1. suki si seks
2.james si faye
3.tate si capucine
4.axl si darling
5.sylvester si genesis
6.dora si august
7.romy si andreas
8. andres si alarico
9.luna si felix
10. winnie si fantino
11.apollo si axel
12.declan si trinidad
Complicated 26 martie 2022  
si totusi ce frumosi sunt fantino si winnie ????????????
x7Captivate 26 martie 2022  
Pemberley 26 martie 2022  
Multumiiiim ♥
Complicated 26 martie 2022  
1 suki & seks, a fake love story written by amavi
2 fantino & winnie, m-am indragostit de voi, ship rau
3 capucine & tate, de ea imi place max, de el...meh
4 romy & andreas, sunteti ok
5 fayette & james, tine-ti barbatu ca vin dupa el
6 axel&apollo, semanati va sta bn
7 trinidad & declan, nu comentez
8 darling & axl...darling e o scumpa
9 sylvester si genesis...mda.........
10 andres & alarico, asa nu
11 dora&august nu ma impresionati
12 felix&luna ce frms e gagica taaa
x7Captivate 25 martie 2022  
1: winnie si fantino <3
2: axel si apollo, ei sunt tot pe 1 pt mine :-j
3: dora si august cei mai sweet <3 i as fi pus pe 1 da sunt subiectiva mda i love my ships:-???
4: sylvester si genesis sunteti goals si emanati lux adopt me pls
5: seks si natsuki, toxic ik da mi ati placut idc. seks vezi ca ti fur gagica :-j girl crush
6: capucine si tate
7: fayette si james
8: romy si andreas
9: darling si axl
10: trinidad si declan
11: felix si luna
11: andres si alarico
f misto pozele si toti sunt frumosi tbh :-j
honeybadger 25 martie 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place: Dora & August
            IIⁿᵈ place: Fayette & James
            IIIʳᵈ place: Capucine & Tate
            IVᵗʰ place: Romy & Andreas
            Vᵗʰ place: Axel & Apollo
            VIᵗʰ place: Fantino & Winnie
            VIIᵗʰ place: Darling & Axl
            VIIIᵗʰ place: Sylvester & Genesis
            IXᵗʰ place: Felix & Luna
            Xᵗʰ place: Suki & Seks
            XIᵗʰ place: Trinidad & Declan
            XIIᵗʰ place: Andres & Alarico
Almighty 25 martie 2022  
Cea mai dificila decizie de pana acum tbh
 Iˢᵗ place: Dora&August pt ca n o sa pot trece prea curand peste ei omgmg<3 im so invested in it
 IIⁿᵈ place: Romy&Andreas pt ca i know andreas kinda obsessed man si diferenta de inaltime awwh
 IIIʳᵈ place: Sylvester&Genesis prima mea femeie nu pot sa ma fac ca ploua i was legit loyal asf
 IVᵗʰ place: Capucine&Tate pt ca din ce-am auzit toti suntem gelosi pe ei:-jjj simpaticii care coloreaza
 Vᵗʰ place: Fayette&James pt ca my man was fr into his girl respect aaa si faye a fost bffiica
 VIᵗʰ place: Winnie&Fantino pt ca legit par scosi din ceva poveste in care st meniti impreuna
 VIIᵗʰ place: Harley&Joker pt ca, cand ma gandesc la ei imi vine in minte doar 'nebuni de legat'
 VIIIᵗʰ place: Darling&Axl asa jos pt ca aparent aveti baiat :@@ si suki a intervenit in decizia mea
 IXᵗʰ place: Axel&Apollo v-am pus mai jos pt ca nu v-am urmarit dinamica da am auzit lucruri misto..
 Xᵗʰ place: Trinidad&Declan pareti genul de duo din liceu care nu s-ar suporta la inceput dar dupa...
 XIᵗʰ place: Felix&Luna cel mai neasteptat cuplu dar... aparent v-ati despartit si... poate va impacati!
 XIIᵗʰ place: Andres&Alarico allloooooo andres era all over everyone wake up my boy :||||
Nidaros 25 martie 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place: fayette și james iubitii mei forever
            IIⁿᵈ place: tate și capucine deși basil nu-i de acord mi-a spus mie mda
            IIIʳᵈ place: dora și august
            IVᵗʰ place: seks și natsuki
            Vᵗʰ place: romy și andreas
            VIᵗʰ place: winnie și fantino
            VIIᵗʰ place: genesis și sylvester deși nu vă iert ca mi-ați scos iubitu
            VIIIᵗʰ place: axel și apollo
            IXᵗʰ place: axl și darling dar heyyy excited for the baby
            Xᵗʰ place: trinidad și declan
            XIᵗʰ place: andres și alarico scz e biiu sau biuu
            XIIᵗʰ place: felix și luna
Pemberley 25 martie 2022  
 Iˢᵗ place: Winnie &Fantino ♥
 IIⁿᵈ place: Dora &August ♥
 IIIʳᵈ place: Genesis &Sylvester ♥
 IVᵗʰ place: Axel &Apollo
 Vᵗʰ place: Romy &Andreas
 VIᵗʰ place: Capucine &Tate
 VIIᵗʰ place: Suki &Seks
 VIIIᵗʰ place: Fayette &James
 IXᵗʰ place: Darling &Axl
 Xᵗʰ place: Felix &Luna
 XIᵗʰ place: Trinidad &Declan
 XIIᵗʰ place: Andres &Alarico.
Mauriacs 25 martie 2022  
mdeci o s o fac in calitate de host mimi care v a citit toate conv lista nu ca player:-?
1. tate si capucine n am ce spune decat goals. i loooove this ship so much :-jjjjj nu l asc pe seks
2. august si dora cea mai healthy si :-? elocventa rel as spune so far :x chiar va besk.
3. romy si andreas ca vr sa ma iub si pe mn cnv cum o iub andreas pe gargarita
4. sylvester si genesis desi vorbeati prin mine atunci presimt ca sunteti si voi healthy ❤️ si pareti cuplu banos gen, yes pls¿
5. fantino si winnie ptc erau romantici si dreamy ca intr un roman feeric de drgste!
6. fayette si james ptc tot asa… nu mi am ce vb dar pareti maturi si sanatosi la capatana. primeaza pt mine asta de aia nebunii jos
7. vorbind de nebuni harley quinn si joker care st toxici dar mi a soptit mie o mantis ca seks a inceput sa vada un psiholog pt his ✨daddy issues✨
8. darling si axl ptc presimt ca :-? axl o sa fie schimbat in bine de darling yes its that ‘i can change him’ bullshit dar i think for them it can really work ca presimt ca :-j axl oricum are a heart of gold sub acel invelis de puscarias roacker so thatd be easy with lhăv
9. axel si apollo patrocle si ahile ai mei da da este cea mai intensa pt mn da simt ca v ati certa mereu fix din cauza asta :| ca sunteti prea electrocuted asa magnetici unul de celalalt snfhjdsjjd deci aveti viata grea presimt…
10. luna si felix mda dif de varsta ma termina dar si darling si axl au legit peste 10 ani dif deci dc sa fiu asa ipocrita :-j poate chiar va,,, iubeati¿¿ da v ati desp deci :| n a mers.
11. trinidad si declan? nu mi am legit de voi :| cred ca ati fost quick nebunilor hhahahh…
12. andres si alarico nici nu vb red aici i just hate cheating so f much :@ call it whatever you want it was :-j something dishonest there.
HappyPill 25 martie 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place: Fayette & James
            IIⁿᵈ place: Dora & August
            IIIʳᵈ place: Darling & Axl
            IVᵗʰ place: Felix & Luna
            Vᵗʰ place: Romy & Andreas
            VIᵗʰ place: Capucine & Tate
            VIIᵗʰ place: Fantino & Winnie
            VIIIᵗʰ place: Axel & Apollo
            IXᵗʰ place: Sylverster & Genesis
            Xᵗʰ place: Suki & Seks
            XIᵗʰ place: Trinidad & Declan
            XIIᵗʰ place: Andres & Alarico
iMysticFalls 25 martie 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place: ˓F̣ạỵẹṭṭẹ&̣J̣ạṃẹṣ
            IIⁿᵈ place: ˓Ṛọṃỵ&̣Ạṇḍṛẹạṣ
            IIIʳᵈ place: ˓C̣ạpục̣ịṇẹ&̣Ṭạṭẹ
            IVᵗʰ place: ˓Ḍạṛḷịṇg̣&̣Ạx̣ḷ
            Vᵗʰ place: ˓F̣ẹḷịx̣&̣Ḷụṇạ
            VIᵗʰ place: ˓Ṣụḳị&̣J̣æ̣ạ̈g̣ẹṛ
            VIIᵗʰ place: ˓Ṣỵḷṿẹṣṭẹṛ&̣G̣ẹṇẹṣịṣ
            VIIIᵗʰ place: ˓Ḍọṛạ&̣Ạụg̣ụṣṭ
            IXᵗʰ place: F̣ạṇṭịṇọ&̣Ẉịṇṇịẹ
            Xᵗʰ place: ˓Ṭṛịṇịḍạḍ&̣Ḍẹc̣ḷạṇ
            XIᵗʰ place: ˓Ạx̣ẹḷ&̣Ạp̣ọḷḷọ
            XIIᵗʰ place: ˓Ạṇḍṛẹ́ṣ&̣Ạḷạṛịc̣ọ
breatheme 25 martie 2022  
1. capucine si tate.... *stitch drunk emoji face* i wonder why
2. dora si august frt THE SWEETEST, stiu ca aveti un copil deja..... (ahem... poate mai multi) dar daca mai vreti sa adoptati inca unul...
3. fayette si james..... imi plc dinamica??? ea ft fairy ish si cu pixie dust pt flori si el historian sobru idk i love it
4. balerina si broscoiul :x
5. axel si apollo aveau chimie frt gen...... chiar aveau! nush trecea energia lor prin ecran mi se parea ca asist la cv ft intim :|
6. sylvester si genesis lydia va uraste but i ship :******
7. winnie si fantino zici ca vin din alta epoca nsh mi se par ft dreamy si romantici:-????we love it
8. suki si seks mama nebuni de legati :-???? joker si harley cv ft :| cool dar toxic mamica
9. darling si axl besties the hyped died down si......gen...... mi am adus aminte de age difference deci mda.... dar imi plc inca cum va potriviti desi sunteti in contrast direct:|
10. andres si alarico scz guys i don't ship:| andres flirta cu inca 100 si alarico era naiv tare mda...... sorry it's a SINK from me
11. another sink..... luna si felix. man u can be her dad:@
12. trinidad si declan......de voi nu mi amintesc deci.......da.....
GiForce 25 martie 2022  
Nu votez ca nu l văd pe heath și tribul lui
Tintype 25 martie 2022  
la crackships să-l nominalizezi pe el
Tintype 25 martie 2022  
            Iˢᵗ place:
            IIⁿᵈ place:
            IIIʳᵈ place:
            IVᵗʰ place:
            Vᵗʰ place:
            VIᵗʰ place:
            VIIᵗʰ place:
            VIIIᵗʰ place:
            IXᵗʰ place:
            Xᵗʰ place:
            XIᵗʰ place:
            XIIᵗʰ place:
HeathLynch 21 martie 2022  
dacă nu mă pui și pe mine cu iubitele mele urlu
lithium 21 martie 2022  
sylvester si genesis
GiForce 21 martie 2022  
Pot sa zic heath și margarina
Tintype 21 martie 2022  
daca ti fac poza cu iubitele tale nu incap toate n cadru
GiForce 21 martie 2022  
=))))))))))))))) TE ROG
pune heath cu margarina Ariel Dora amavi și atât ca Olga nu m a vrut deloc
GiForce 21 martie 2022  
pune o și pe Rivage ca a fost geloasa margarina pe ea
Tintype 21 martie 2022  
mai e un loc :-?
x7Captivate 21 martie 2022  
dora si august
Pemberley 1 martie 2022  
APOLLO SI AXEL da ms mimi
gaudium 1 martie 2022  
bine merg eu cu winnie și fantino atunci pt pemberley cadou că a ieșit prea devreme jocul trecut
Pemberley 1 martie 2022  
te pup prietena mea draga <3
gaudium 28 februarie 2022  
am văzut lista da nu știu care au fost cupluri bunee :))))
și james și faye au fost deja nominalizați pff
aftertaste 28 februarie 2022  
sugerez sabrina si arthur un fel de reverse axl si darling=)) bad girl good- boy
ea lucreaza la morga,el cu animalele
si winnie si fantino( PARE RAU CA AM UITAT) ca tot nu ii putea nominaliza miruna
gaudium 27 februarie 2022  
vreau și eu o recomandare că eu joc de abia din sezonu 7 v am ratat toate cuplurile
Nidaros 28 februarie 2022  
Vrei să spui ca ai uitat de cei cu care ai rămas în finala, photine?!
gaudium 1 martie 2022  
syx și kay erau un cuplu?? prima dată când aud :)))))))))
Nidaros 1 martie 2022  
Reminder să dati update *clown emoji*
Maktub 1 martie 2022  
da, am uitat s o intreb cand am fost la mc daca vrea sa fie gagicamea da s a prins ea
Pemberley 25 februarie 2022  
Winnie &Fantino
Mauriacs 1 martie 2022  
sugestie: apollo si axl
Pemberley 1 martie 2022  
Mauriacs 1 martie 2022  
mor pardon
o sa i incurc la nume de acum cum ii incurc si pe andres si andreas…
Tintype 25 februarie 2022  
n auzi fai ca n ai voie sa te pui pe tn
Pemberley 25 februarie 2022  
unde pnm ai zis
Tintype 26 februarie 2022  
mai jos cand am pus textul ala dintre runde.
Pemberley 1 martie 2022  
scuze nu citesc
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