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Départ par Théo Sarapo

membru din 29 mai 2021

Départ par Théo Sarapo

                  ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・C H A R A C T E R・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵
                    Ṇẹṃẹṣịṣ ̣ · Ṭụṃḅṛạ · Ḅạc̣ḳg̣ṛọụṇḍ
            {Ɐxᴉow}   ───── ❝One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.❞ ─────
                                 S O C R A T E S.

          B A S E D B I O:
          · Full name character: Kaidan Magalhaes.
          · Nickname: Kai, Kaye.
          · Realm of birth (if earth, nationality): Spiritually, Venus. // French.
          · Age: 26.
          · Date of Birth: 21st of June, 1995.
          · Gender: Male
          · Preferred Pronouns: He/him.
          · Race: Human.
          · Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
          · Languages: French (ML), Spanish (upper intermediate), Chinese (LR intermediate)
                          and Korean (see below) and American English (PR)
                What is the level of Korean and how did they learn to speak it
                  (For non-Korean characters from other realms & other earth-countries):
           Kai·s Korean level is that of an independent user.
                   He is able to read and write properly, even though certain constructions
                             still require some research.
           He can sustain conversations on familiar subjects, though in spontaneous
                      speech he might have some unnatural phrasings. He is self-taught.

          A P P E A R A N C E:
          · Skin Color: Olive skin.
          · Eye color: Hazelish, lightish brown.
          · Scars: N/A
          · Piercings: A triple helix on his left ear, really subtle.
                Right earlobe is pierced as well, but he is currently not wearing any jewellery.
                And the nose ring.
          · Tattoos: A few... In fact, many. Favorite one? Mandala on my scalp.
          · Hair color: Naturally brunette, occasionally he will opt for pastel cool tones.

          P E R S O N A L I T Y:
          · Six personality traits: Shy, Beta, Easy to get on his nerves, Impulsive, Shady, Ironic.
          · Likes: Nightlife, being appreciated, small meaningful talks, spending time alone.
          · Dislikes: Winter, unbased jokes, two-facedness.
          · Manias: N/A
          · Phobias: Athazagoraphobia – he fears being forgotten once he fades into nothingness
          · Religion: He is not religious.
          · Favorite song: Edith Piaf – Hymne a l·amour.
          · Virtue: Empathy.

           - - - Personality description:

          At first glance, Kai seems like an approachable person that is easy going
                  and makes rather good company. And this assumption is not entirely
          erroneous; most of the time up for a conversation or whatever leisure activity,
                 all while carrying himself as apparently vivacious, he is very careful
        with first impressions. It is only gradually, as he feels like the dynamic is secured, that Kai
                      will start to show his true colours, which could potentially
          affect those who invest themselves in any kind of relationship with him.
                    He is by no means manipulative or abusive, but it would be safe to
            say that his back lacks a bone or two and that he could act in ways
              people wouldn·t expect of him. He changes interests with ease and little to
                       no remorse or consideration for the parties involved.
            This doesn·t mean that he is unable to build and sustain deep connections with people.
               He does long for substance and meaning, and once he truly engages Kai
                  does make a kind individual and a caring, supportive friend.

                        But any sword is double-edged.
           To actually put up with Kai·s caprices requires one to be either too naïve or too invested,
                     because he is not an especially sly person himself.
                 All his mannerisms stem from self-absorption and pleasure seeking.
             There are though people, quite a handful, who can read the weaknesses behind
                        his behaviour – the lack of stability, the questionable will,
           the need for attention, the fear of inferiority. Those who understand these aspects of him
                   can make use of them in their favour. Kai is one unsure and doubtful
              individual, he can hardly defend his positions or opinions due to a fragile confidence
                  in his logic and dread of being belittled. He has his own internal battle,
        deeply rooted in the essence of his very being; he has put at war the purest form of love with one
                      desire that rots any being, human or not, the desire for a power
                   he cannot achieve. From this very conflict originate all the rest.

             ┈┈◢▇◣┈┈◢▇◣                ❛ℐ’irais jusquࣷau bout du monde
             ┈▇▇▇◣◢▇▇▇               ℐe me ferais teindre en blonde
             ┈◥▇▇▇▇▇▇◤                  Si tu me le demandais
             ┈┈┈◥▇▇▇▇◤                ℐ’irais décrocher la Lune
             ┈┈┈┈┈◥▇▇◤                     ℐ’irais voler la fortune
             ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈◥◤                    Si tu me le demandais.❜

        Genesis. The emptiness, the nothingness, the void, the time of bliss.
        A lonely bursting mass of gas wandering through the Universe as it slowly consumed
      itself to extinction. At some point, the star has been pulled by a force incomparable with its
      own; it couldn’t oppose any resistance as inertia guided it closer and closer to the rocky body.
      But no explosion would trouble the deadly silence of the Space; instead, once colliding with
      the surface of the Moon.
        At that moment, everything became heavy, resonances were drumming in its’ ears and
      the lights of the dark abyss would leave the newly born being in awe. It was the Space through
      which he travelled for a time impossible to know. He moved at will, he stopped at will, he had
      control, he had a will. Something was filling his core, a different kind of reactions, not chemical
      ones this time. Feelings; love, joy. He felt like he could burst and vanish at any moment,
      but he didn’t. Those reactions were not consuming, but fulfilling, they gave him life.

        Years had passed; not that many to him, 26 in human perception. Little, did he know?
        How is like to move away from your family? To forget about your identity. Everyone considered
      him a easy catch, 0 strength and zero passion about what he is doing and no doubts, maybe he
      had none. But he tried! He tried his best to get ready, growing up in a ghetto, in pourness and
      solitude made him stronger and stronger. He ran away from what a messed up life meant and
      is forming to became as powerful as he only desired about - vivacious and tenacious - those
      chemical formulas are messing with his mind and body, but he is in control.

                !Not okay with oversharing, so welcome to my Spotify list!

                       i. The 1975     -      Undo;
                       ii. Soha - M I L       P A S O S;
                       iii. The Notorious B.I.G. - B I G Poppa;
                       iv. Björk -   Human   behaviour;
                       v. Rini -      My Favourite Clothes;
                       vi. Doja Cat -   Kiss   ME   More;
                       vii. Shinwha -  Perfect  M A N;
                       viii. Masego -       T A D O W;
                       ix. Ne-Yo -  Let  Me   Love  You;
                       x. Mario - Let  Me    Love    You;
                       xi. Simply Falling - I Y E O K A;
                       xii. Lomepal -   Trop       Beau.
À quoi ça sert, l’amour? ꧂  
À quoi ça sert, l’amour? ꧂  
If you were a verb tense, you'd be plus-que-parfait
If you were a verb tense, you'd be plus-que-parfait
Dadda Biggie
Dadda Biggie
Smashing some good stuff
Smashing some good stuff
giving my entire heart to you
giving my entire heart to you
this is from my first serious gig... such a time. Merci beaucoup, Gordes!
this is from my first serious gig... such a time. Merci beaucoup, Gordes!
Quels souvenirs...
Quels souvenirs...
Waiting for H to do her magic!
Waiting for H to do her magic!

Comentarii album • 30
Almighty 22 martie 2022  
I’m still in love with u Kai
KaidanMagalhaes 3 iunie 2021  
GabrielRyser 31 mai 2021  
Absolute legend!
KaidanMagalhaes 31 mai 2021  
Look who's talking..
RomyElssler 30 mai 2021  
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
Let's do it nowwww
RomyElssler 30 mai 2021  
I’m going to tag @you now, and you may tag someone else, and so on!
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
Ok, but we have to spice things up a little
Like... hmm, maybe a little Word Chain??? Using our last 2 letters mentioned, like 'on' to form a word? Dunno, I'm bored (:

RomyElssler 30 mai 2021  
May I intervene?
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
Doudouuuu, dalida's dedicated lovers
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
♥ Poor 'Zizou'...
The strength you need to sing this as a grand chanteur while the whole song is about how fragile your masculinity is in fact
MajaJonsson 30 mai 2021  
That's must certanily a commendable act!
"À vaillant coeur rien d'impossible." - Jacques Coeur ♡
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
Les souvenirs sont faits de tragédies... ♥
AlekzandreForbes 30 mai 2021  
Those tattoos of yours. They really inspire me. Maybe you'll let me see them in detail someday. Would love to hear the story of each too. And somehow I want to draw one for you. May I?
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
I'll be more than pleased!
Yes, oui, oui!
I'm so excited right now...
AndreasMilosevic 30 mai 2021  
When I grow up I wanna be like you, brother.
KaidanMagalhaes 30 mai 2021  
So you'll probably be like your own self, 'cause right now I'm trying to be exactly like you! <3
ValerioLopez 29 mai 2021  
KaidanMagalhaes 29 mai 2021  
*brings a mirror* yes! J'approuve.
Maktub 29 mai 2021  
Marry me Kai
KaidanMagalhaes 29 mai 2021  
Hahaha, chérie!
Anytime, anytime!
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