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Mi corazón late - solo - por nosotros

                      ໓ịṛẹc̣ṭẹḍ on © Ṣụṇp̣ḥọṭọ
                    A R O L E P L A Y P R O D U C T I O N
                        ꧁ ∎ ℋỵṣṭẹṛịạ ∎ ꧂
                         Ạịṛẹḍ: 30/12/2020

                            ◤  Ḥỵṣṭẹṛịạ   ◥
                           ▐  /hɪˈstɪərɪə/  ▌
                            ◣ ..Ḍẹṣp̣ạịṛ.  ◢
                           ˁThen he looked at her.
                 That connection again. It seemed to be drawing
                   them together-an almost physical feeling
                      of attraction. It was exciting, but scary.
                 Eric got up very slowly and crossed the room.
                   He sat by Thea. Neither of them looked away.
                 And then things just seemed to happen by themselves.
                      Their fingers were intertwined.
                   Thea was looking up and he was looking down.
                 They were so close that their breath mingled.
                          Thea shivered with the electricity.
                   Everything seemed wrapped in a golden haze.ˀ
                 — ℒ. ℐ. Smith,       Ṇịg̣ḥṭ ̣Ẉọṛḷḍ ჴNumber One.
                       ◤  ˓Ṣẹc̣ọṇḍ Ṣẹạṣọṇ˒  ◢
                       · ⋆ * 14/3/2021 * ⋆ ·
                  P R E V I O U S L Y  O N H Y S T E R I A
                 ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃
                   S U M M A R Y O F W H A T H A P P E N E D
  ❝It has to be like this! No one changed anything,      ❝Everything I said is true, I had nothing to do with
     I donʼt get it! He told me just the other day        that Destiny girl. As I said, probably, probably
         that no one messed around with our        I was near her, but is a small circle, get it?
            thing. And now, I get this call?❞        Everyone is nearby, am I right?❞
 ⋆   Ḳẹṇḍạḷḷ about what happened with G̣ẹṛạḷḍ   ▐    Ẓạỵṇ about the murder of Ḍẹṣṭịṇỵ problem   ⋆
          ❝When you love someone you         ❝Stop. I will not get on that, no, I
         donʼt betray them like that, you ne-        will do anything to fix this because I am not
     ver cheat and I... I-I canʼt get over it, I will        like that. Is just that I wanted to feel attractive,
  never be able to get over it. We just should...❞          I wanted to know that I am enoungh for-for.. you!❞
 ⋆   Demetria about the  „c̣ḥẹạṭịṇg̣” situation    ▐   Liam refusing to     ḷẹṭ Demi end things   ⋆

      W H A T H A P P E N E D W I T H G?    ∎ „After you got in jail, we started dating for a while
                              I admit, I kinda liked him, but he was tough and I
                              felt played everytime I saw him.  I feel so much
                              hate towards me right now and I donʼt have any
                              clue how can wash away...” Ḳ, getting back with Ẓ.
      „I told you. That guy had something to do with us
      from the very first beginning. He was acting all go
      od, but I knew! He was playing me to get to you.
      And this is what I think about that Luis 2 even if
      you say to stop worry.”    Ẓ getting back with Ḳ.

      I S T H A T S O M E T H I N G N E W?    ∎ „Babe, I swear. It meant nothing for me! She was
                               so ugly. I was just into her butt. Bubbly smoo-..
                               and super curvy.     I was super horny, you
                               knew how horny I was. But you are s-so beautiful
                               and I love and want you! Only you!” Ḷ confessing.
                  „Not even an entire Universe of flowers would
                      make me forgive him! He was a jerk!
                  He screwed me over twice, and just -because
                    those curls and kind eyes, I should give
                 up? No, no, my puppy! He will probably burn,
                      because that is what I want...”, Demi.
               ∎∎∎∎   ˓ℒive the memory ♥ Not the past.˒   ∎∎∎∎∎
          ʿIt has to be said, she will        C        ʿI was not that in love,
          never give up on her life, not       A       I-... I mean, I was having a
           this way.  She is my twin!          S          crush, but I won‛t ever be
          She won‛t back down, - ‛never.ʾ      T       a second choice. Lick your lips!ʾ
           — in Ḳẹṇḍạḷḷ‛s words.                — in Ḍẹṃẹṭṛịạ‛s words.

       P̣ẹṛṣọṇạḷịṭỵ │ Traits │          ℭḥạṛạc̣ṭẹṛṣ               │ F̣C̣ │ Ṛẹạḷịṭỵ
                   Ẓạỵṇ ̣Ṃạḷịḳ➲ Personality: ∎ As dark as the bottom of the ocean.
                                 ∎ Refuses to play the good guy everytime.
                                 ∎ Been through a lot (murder, gangs, kidnap)
                                 ∎ Tries his best in his relationship.
                                 ∎ He is good at being a lover
                                 ∎ Praises his place in society.
                                 ∎ Entrepreneur (Bussines Man, Restaurants).
                         ➲ Traits: charismatic, umoristic, loyal, sincere, analytic.
                         ➲ FC: Zayn Javadd Malik.
                         ➲ Year: 12 - January - 1993.
                   Ḍẹṃị ̣Ḷọṿạṭọ➲ Personality: ∎ Amoreusse, too clingy sometimes.
                                 ∎ Forgives quickly and tries to move on.
                                 ∎ Needs a lot of affection and attention.
                                 ∎ Tries to keep it cool.
                                 ∎ Passive-agressive.
                                 ∎ Standards in looks sometimes.
                                 ∎ Much more creative than realistic.
                         ➲ Traits: funny, full of energy, loud, pushy, clingy.
                         ➲ FC: Demetria Devonne Lovato.
                         ➲ Year: 20 - August - 1995.
                   Ḳẹṇḍạḷḷ ̣J̣ẹṇṇẹṛ➲ Personality: ∎ Puts her relationship first, no matter what.
                                  ∎ From innocent to mature.
                                  ∎ Gets easily bored by everything.
                                  ∎ Expresses herself quickly and clear.
                                  ∎ Has a lot of passion for close people.
                                  ∎ Developing a passion for cooking.
                                  ∎ Sincere at any cost.
                          ➲ Traits: real, natural, sweet, sour, fierce.
                          ➲ FC: Kendall Nicole Jenner.
                          ➲ Year: 3 - November - 1995.
                   Ḷịạṃ ̣P̣ạỵṇẹ➲ Personality: ∎ Not very focused on his main goal.
                                   ∎ Still distracted by any occasion.
                                   ∎ Tries his best, but nature comes first.
                                   ∎ Loyal to his friend (Zayn).
                                   ∎ Has been through a lot, next to Zayn.
                                   ∎ Quickly adapts.
                                   ∎ Lowkey and sometimes a liar.
                         ➲ Traits: unfocused, frat boy, generous, curios, zesty.
                         ➲ FC: Liam James Payne.
                         ➲ Year: 29 - August - 1993.

                 ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁  ∎ NewỴọṛḳCity ∎  ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁
                   Z: „Things are getting madly serious!
                       they are after me, everyday,
                    I have to leave as fast as I can, so
                      stop trying to hide the truth!”
                       s p a n i s h g a n g a l a r m
                   L: „Do the f#ck you want. I risked so
                      much for you. Son of a bi-...
                    I have no idea if my family is safe!”
                 IT HAS TO BE SAID 
                          PRIVATE ISLAND SAFETY?
                     „Do not get me started!”, she shout
                        „I was so worried about you
                       Had no idea where you were, what
                        you do, what are you eating,
                       how do you feel, are you cold, hot?”
                  W O R R I E S  „He told me, he was fine!
                  I was there for you, stop being whiny, letʼs
                  think about the F U T U R E and what we
                      ▌ ▌ ▌ can do about it!” ▌ ▌ ▌
                  „I get it! I should S T O P and relax, cause
                    everything is going to turn up well! I feel it!”

                        YOU            ME
                    We are here      right this time
                   Looking into your    eyes, gazing deep
                  into your color, wanting   all that you can give to
                  me. It is so hard for me to look up at you and see
                   something else than myself. I cannot think ab
                    out it. I cannot even speak about somebo
                      dy else. ★ Because all you can get is
                       me and you have to take it like
                        this no matter what! We
                          are made for each
                           other! Weʻre
 ❛It has to be you! Noʻone would ever                 ▌     „Lol, and why is it my fault?”, she
 Break me like you did. Get it, Zayn? You             ▐       rolled her eyes, not even
 did all you could just to be remembered and           ▌    glacing a guilt. „I am not his baby
 this is not healthy. You made me feel like I am not          ▌         sitter and I will never be!”
 enoungh. Like this is just a game and Iʻm sorry for you        ▌    B e l l e  on  L i a m  c h e a t i n g.
 but this is what you get!❜ ʻㆣ K E N D A L L on Z A Y N       ▌     ▬▬◤ṬịḷḷṬḥẹẸṇḍ []ے ◥▬▬
 ❛As you can see me, Iʻm crushed. I lost all my memories, all      ▌    „I will do anything to be with you!
 of what I been throughʻ and I donʻt know how to feel, Iʻm       ▌    I swear on my own life. Nothing
 not ready for any kind of engagement, but I feel like          ▌      and no one will break us apart!
 I actually am? ʻIt does not make any sense, to           ▌   I swear that I will never let you down
 be honest! ʻI feel like there are natural vibes            ▐       and I will fight for our love!”
 and dark traumas.❜ ꒺D E M E T R I A.                ▌    Z a y n p r o p o s i n g ܭẸp̣12.

              A R E Y O U R E A D Y F O R W H A T ʼ S C O M I N G N E X T?

                           ꧁ ·© Ṛịg̣ḥṭṣ· ꧂
                            ℋỵṣṭẹṛịạ  Season Ⅱ ˓Ḍẹc̣, 2020-2021.
                                 A Ṣụṇp̣ḥọṭọ ℭreation.
꧁ ∎∎∎ ˓ẒạỵṇℐavaddṂạḷịḳ˒ ∎∎∎ ꧂
꧁ ∎∎∎ ˓ẒạỵṇℐavaddṂạḷịḳ˒ ∎∎∎ ꧂
◤    H  Y S T E R I  A     ◥
◤   H  Y S T E R I  A    ◥
· ⋆ * ▌ ▌ ▌ḲẹṇḍạḷḷNicoleJ̣ẹṇṇẹṛ▌ ▌ ▌ * ⋆ ·
· ⋆ * ▌ ▌ ▌ḲẹṇḍạḷḷNicoleJ̣ẹṇṇẹṛ▌ ▌ ▌ * ⋆ ·
꧁∎∎∎ ˓ḶịạṃℐamesP̣ạỵṇẹ˒ ∎∎∎꧂
꧁∎∎∎ ˓ḶịạṃℐamesP̣ạỵṇẹ˒ ∎∎∎꧂
◣ S  E  C ...Ṣẹạṣọṇ... O  N  D  ◢
◣ S  E  C ...Ṣẹạṣọṇ... O  N  D  ◢
· ⋆ * ▌ ▌ ▌ḌẹṃịDevonneḶọṿạṭọ▌ ▌ ▌ * ⋆ ·
· ⋆ * ▌ ▌ ▌ḌẹṃịDevonneḶọṿạṭọ▌ ▌ ▌ * ⋆ ·
▌▌▌ D E M E T R I A & L I A M  ▌▌▌
▌▌▌ D E M E T R I A & L I A M  ▌▌▌
˓ℒive the memory ♥ Not the past.˒
˓ℒive the memory ♥ Not the past.˒
▌▌▌ K E N D A L L & Z A Y N  ▌▌▌
▌▌▌ K E N D A L L & Z A Y N  ▌▌▌

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