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without me

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without me

✎ Hurricane is typing...

                    ❰ Found you when your heart was broke. Of loneliness and boredom.
                    But you weren’t actually alone, were you? Just surrounded by people
                    and feeling like you don’t belong there. Anywhere. And I know, I was
                    there. You seemed so happy yet so sad. So lucky yet so miserable.
                    So bright yet so dark. You were so many things, a whole galaxy of

                    I filled your cup until it overflowed. I wanted to make you smile and
                    for you to want me. To be that person who can make your day better
                    with 3 words. And I took it too far. I poured my heart out when you
                    didn’t feel the same way.

                    Took it so far to keep you close. I knew what to do to make you stay,
                    even though it wasn’t good for me. Or you, or us. I wanted you by my
                    side at the end of the day. I told myself that it will get better. Little did
                    I know, some bruises are forever.

                    I was afraid to leave you on your own. I saw what you were hiding
                    behind that happy smile and you don’t even know it. I paid attention
                    more to you than my own mistakes. And now I wish it was the other
                    way around. I did more bad than good.

                    I said I'd catch you if you fall, every fcking time. I meant it.

                    And if they laugh, then fck 'em all. I didn’t even care about 'em.

                    And then I got you off your knees and told you it’s ok.

                    Put you right back on your feet and felt incredible when your tears
                    turned into giggles.

                    Just so you could take advantage of me. Like I was never there.
                    But baby, it’s alright. I took so many bullets from you that it doesn’t
                    even hurt anymore.

                    Tell me how's it feel sittin' up there. Do you still remember how
                    you used to call me?

                    Feeling so high but too far away to hold me. Our world’s upside
                    down and I’m underground. Can you dig up my sorrow?

                    You know I'm the one who put you up there. You used to thank
                    me for making you feel better, now you’re the reason I’m not.

                    Name in the sky. You were my shooting star, the luckiest charm
                    I came across.

                    Does it ever get lonely? And do you think about what we were before?
                    Do you ever feel lonely around her?

                    Thinking you could live without me. Perhaps it’s time to do that.
                    I came into your life like the sand carried by the wind and before
                    we knew it, I became a fcking a hurricane. I destroyed everything
                    around us and when I calmed down, it was too messy to clean up
                    the damage. We’re broken and sad. And I’m out of ammo, baby.
                    I’m wounded and I don’t think I can take the next hit. I need to
                    learn to live without you and you to live without me. ❱

                            ❦ roleplay partner wanted ❖ i write fluff, angst, any genre, LGBT+ if you want.
                                             i prefer writing in english and moderate se❢xual themes.
                                favorite tropes: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, opposites attract, revenge, secret past.

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