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Surprised you caught me off guard

membru din 14 septembrie 2019

Surprised you caught me off guard

                         C H A O T I C
                     /keɪˈɒtɪk/ قḍẹṣc̣ṛịḅẹḍ: in a state
               *  ⋆   of complete confusion and disorder.   ⋆  *
                 · ⋆ * ✷   ▪You and me both, chaos▪   ✷ * ⋆ ·
                    ˓Ⅱᶰᵈ Ṣẹạṣọṇ˒ [Dated]: 2ᶰᵈ♥Ạp̣ṛịḷ2020.
                ★ ▬▬▬▬▬๑۩  ℒọṿẹ➲[...]Ṭṛịc̣ḳỵ, if you ask.  ۩๑▬▬▬▬▬ ★
              The beginning was there, right in front of me, but my heart was
               somewhere else. I believe that’s what you call ḍẹṣṭịṇỵ.. God
              putting you in an unexpected situation and then suddenly slap
               -ping you ḥạṛḍ in the face if you dare to not play following
              his rules. I mean who the f-ck follows rules these days anyways?
              ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ˓Q: ڑZaynṂạḷịḳ➲❛Ṭḥịṇḳịṇg̣ʰᵉ’ˢ♥ᵗʰᵉṢḥ-̣ṭ❜˒  ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎
              ℬṛạḍf̣ọṛḍڑHappening: „You’d be really helpful if you
             could go and pay the Hadids a visit. They invited us for dinner
              tonight, but your father and I can’t go.. look, I’ve got so
             much to do. Would you like to go instead? I’m sure they’d be
              glad to see you again.”  〄My mom asked ℋọp̣ẹf̣ụḷḷỵ
                   „Woah, hold on! I don’t think you’ve got
             the right person to go pay some annoying elders a visit. Fix it
              for tomorrow or something.”   Ḷịṭṭḷẹ, did I know?
             ❛Fine, what can I say? If my son doesn’t wanna go to a dinner
              where 2 other families are invited who by chance happen
             to have some beautiful ḍạụg̣ḥṭẹṛṣ.. It’s alright. If he can’t bring
                one home to me, talking about grandkids? Pff..❜
              ▰▰ Daughters. Grandkids. Say no more, mom. ▰▰
              „You said you wanted me to bring something or am I going there
                empty-handed? God, my neighbours? Total love!”
               ◦══════ ˓A love that came ♥ without warning˒ ══════◦
            Bet you can imagine what happened next. I mean.. no, I didn’t really
              conceive those grandkids (unfortunately), but, I was tempted,
            alright? ❛I was afraid I had to search for my glasses and braid my
             hair in order for you to ṛẹṃẹṃḅẹṛ.❜  Remember what exactly?
            >ℋẹṛ.< Who that smart-ass mouth with the brightest blue-eyes was.
             h o w c o u l d y o u n o t r e m e m b e r h e r i d i o t?
                    ℱọḷḷọẉịṇg̣ڑActions This cat and mouse
              · ⋆ * ✷  ˓g̣ạṃẹ˒ was enough for me to come  ✷ * ⋆ ·
               ⋆  * to this one conclusion.. We both needed *  ⋆
                    each other. And the time was ṇọẉ.    
                ★ ▬▬▬▬▬๑۩  قṢụṛṛọụṇḍẹḍ by the➲[...]P̣ạṣṭ.  ۩๑▬▬▬▬▬ ★
             ℬṛọọḳḷỵṇᵗʰᵉᶰڑArrived:  Just as Bradford opened Zayn’s eyes, in a
              way or another, Brooklyn came as a validation for Gigi and
             Zayn’s relationship. But, Gigi can you trust the guy who not long a
              -go confessed the same ℱẹẹḷịṇg̣ṣ to another girl? Can you
              commit to uncertainty, lust and love? Would you risk it all for a su
              -dden decision taken when you were feeling on cloud 9?
              ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ˓❛TheḲẹỵPerson❜: ➲JosephineڑṢḳṛịṿẹṛ˒  ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎
             My problem is that I ḷọṿẹ you! And a ṃọṇṭḥ ago I loved you even
             more, when you weren’t so ịṇḍịf̣f̣ẹṛẹṇṭ. This is my problem, Zayn.
             My problem is that I chose to trust you when I was going through
               the worst time of my life; and instead of being there for
                 me, you f-cked me over just like everyone else.
             I’m ạẉạṛẹ that I’m acting like a f-cked up child right now, but it
             angers me that a month or two ago I was in her place and you
                sweet-talked to me... Ever put yourself in my p̣ọṣịṭịọṇ?
               Just asking how I feel? Ever thought about it? I don’t care
                 about her and your so-called relationship, but
               you do you, Zayn. Get ạṭṭạc̣ḥẹḍ and catch those feel-
             ings for this girl and I hope.. I p̣ṛạỵ to God that she will walk out
             of your life so you can be in the same position as I am now. So
             you can suffer. Then maybe you can open those goddamn eyes
             and realize how it is to lose someone.  قQ:J̣ọṣẹp̣ḥịṇẹ➲E12, S2.
                   ◤❛I left without even telling her and I◥
                   came back with her thinking that there
                   is still a chance for both of us to be to-
                   ◣gether.❜  ˓♥ẒạỵṇᵗᵉˡˡᶤᶰᵍG̣ịg̣ị➲E13, S2˒◢
               What if we never met? What if I never saw her? Cause I’ve
             been ḅụṛṇịṇg̣ up for so long in a world that just keeps g̣ẹṭṭịṇg̣ colder
                 I’ve been around the ẉọṛḷḍ, I seen a lot of girls,
               I been a lot of p̣ḷạc̣ẹṣ, I seen a lot of f̣ạc̣ẹṣ. Nobody does
                  this like you. [Lyrics]: Zayn♢ℬạc̣ḳ²ℒịf̣ẹ


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Sunt încântat să vă cunosc după ce v-am vizualizat profilul, sunt Stella Jack, din Jakarta, Indonezia,

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Chaotic 28 august 2020  
lasa ma faaaa
PassionateLiar 28 iunie 2020  
holy shiteu <3
iMysticFalls 26 iunie 2020  
Cum ați făcut față carantinei de pe sunphoto?
Chaotic 26 iunie 2020  
Dadeam refresh din ora-n ora ... ... ...
heavy 26 iunie 2020  
keeping up with the sunphotoians
Chaotic 26 iunie 2020  
infinite2inhibit 24 iunie 2020  
Iti iau haine de designer dar te vreau în tanga
Chaotic 24 iunie 2020  
hazu meu e danger, Fendi si Palm Angels
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