♡▌▌ ˓☪ḤẠỌṬỊC̣⸎ḌẠṬẸ: 16ᵗʰẠp̣ṛịḷ˒ ▐▐♡

Album: 12 Never mind me watching you
Data: 16 aprilie 2020

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Just when we both thought our lives were set in stone, they shone a light and brought us together
We are two in a million, we’ve got all the luck we could be given
♡▌▌ ˓☪ḤẠỌṬỊC̣⸎ḌẠṬẸ: 16ᵗʰẠp̣ṛịḷ˒ ▐▐♡
If the world should stop we’ll still have each other and no matter what we’ll be forever as one
It’s a crazy world where everything’s changing

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