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Temptations in the whirlwind

membru din 3 august 2019

Temptations in the whirlwind

                   ཎ[ Welcome to Apparently ]ན
                  Dated on: August 3rd day, 2019.
              Opening the gates to ℋụḍṣọṇℐṇṣṭịṭụṭẹ, step in students!

         Ⅰˢᵗ P H A S E T H E B E G I N N I N G ● T H E S P Y A C A D E M Y
     The year is 1952. The Cold War is continuing to tense relations between the United States and
   the USSR, and between communist scares and the threat of nuclear war, people are panicking. The Second
     Red Scare has people running terrified and the government wondering: what are we doing to
   protect ourselves? The proposal came from the country’s most powerful businessmen and politicians: the
     creation of an institute to train spies as great as those from the USSR. And so, unofficially, the
   government signed off on the creation of this institute as an addition to the recently established CIA. The
     Hudson Institute opened its doors in 1954 to a group of the country’s most promising young
   adults. With high security, the government intended to keep Hudson a secret from any not directly involved
     in its creation and maintenance. For the staff, it meant that this school was their entire life. For
   the students, it meant that their life was over. The deal was simple. You get to travel the world. You get paid
     beyond your wildest dreams. You get to do something everyone dreams of: become a spy. Only,
   you can never speak to your family again. Upon graduation of the program in five years, you’re officially
     declared dead and given an entirely new identity. Never again can you see the people you once
          cared about, and chances are you can never again care about anyone.

          ♦▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑۩ What? Ṣụḍḍẹṇḷỵ becoming a spy? ۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♦
         Ⅱⁿᵈ P H A S E T H E P R E S E N T ● T H E M O D E R N H U D S O N
       The year is 2019. For nearly eighty years Hudson has been fighting for the United States
        in secret, their recent work going completely unknown. The Institute, however, has
      grown. The field is opening up; not only can students go on to be official United States spies,
       but the private sector holds more than a few opportunities. But still, after graduation, you
        lose the life you once had; you are given a new name and instructed to never speak
      your old one again. Every three years, as one class of pupils graduates, a new one begins at
       the Hudson Institute, recruited from across the country for their raw talent across many
        skill sets. Over their three years at Hudson, the new class will learn to master those
      skills and new ones, until they can become whatever they dream of. Would you give it all up
       for the chance to be a spy? For the chance to serve your country and the oligarchs that
        support it? Some see Hudson as an opportunity to escape the world that is against
      them, others regret their decision. One thing is for sure: there is no going back once you’re in.

           Your father always told you, ❛What’s the point of doing something
          if you’re not going to be the best at it?❜ At least he can’t see you here.

       ◊ S U M M A R Y: The Hudson Institute is a spy academy for young adults that was
        established during the Cold War. Its ownership has changed over time, but still
       today it trains those who agree in espionage. Each class studies at Hudson for three
        years before graduation, and the rp will follow a class, beginning on the their
       first day of instruction. The only catch is that upon graduation, you are given an entirely
        new  i d e n t i t y  and must  f o r g e t  your old one  c o m p l e t e l y.

               Official Taken list of Hudson’s Institute of spies:
        ✓ Dominic Hughes [Code name: Indigo]. ✓ Vera Hawthorne [Code name: Venus].
        ✓ Warren Dolph [Code name: Adonis].  ✓ Malia Vela [Code name: Ghost].
        ✓ Jude Hampton [Code name: Gizmo].  ✓ Georgia Brock [Code name: Venom].

     The wanted characters are listed down below. Choose your matching alter ego and let’s spy!
      Note that the face-claims are negotiable if the one proposed fits as much as the previous.
                 Yours truly, Apparently.sunphoto.ro

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